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    Hi Madwolf~~Am recovering from food poisoning episode, but having FM and Back flares. I am to see an orthopedist this coming Friday--any suggestions about what I should say as I want to start setting the ground work for disability, and this guy is a tough, insensitive, narcissistic man who was no help to me the last two times I saw him over a year ago. My primary physician wants me to meet with him for a consultation (for his records to show that he is covering all the basis) and I could use some vocabularly to help him understand my back is worse and not doing well at all--that I am hanging onto my job by my bloodly fingernails and honestly don't know how much longer I can work. So, any ideas on how to talk to this asshole would be greatly appreciated.

    Your PACKAGE is in the mail, and you should receive it this week. I hope you have a Wonderful time going through it. I added something special for you and your wife. If you have any questions--just post me on Chit Chat Board. Blessings, Carol....
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    Bumping for Carol
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    Madwolf--Already seen Ortho so disregard questions about such in post.
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    are you the one that i talked to on the chat one night?
    you had a different username--but with the cat in your name-i was just wondering--i had my same name on the chat-sierrasioux
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    Hi sierrasioux~~I've always gone by catgal, so it wasn't me you talked to on the Chit Chat Board. Plus, I'd remember such a beautiful name as sierrasioux--reminds me of the incredible colors at sunset over the Sierras. Take care, Carol....
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    on board with 1100 sailors!!! Glad you had a good time! I bet it was an experience with your son you will never forget. How many rolls of film did you take?!

    Ortho said the same thing as he did three years ago--nothing he can do for my back as it is messed up in too many places. He doesn't feel that surgery would benefit me much. I did appreciate his honesty, but his bedside manner still sucks.

    Have you received the Package yet? You should have gotten it by now. Please let me know either way.

    Hope you are enjoying a good and painless week. Blessings to you, Carol...