Madwolf....AC77.... ANYONE !!!... Labwork ????

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    I am going to a new Rheumatologist tomorrow and I am trying to get all my previous paperwork in order etc as she requests that you bring as much as possible.

    My out of town rheumi suspects an autoimmune disorder possibly but my blood work is always neg and evasive and he is so frustrated as I do show the clinical signs.
    I have decided to get another opinion. (I do have Fibro also) but this isnt what is causing sed rate of 70

    In reviewng some old labs from 2001 from a totally different Dr I discovered my ANA @ 1:40 which is negative and DNA Antibodies, NAtive@ 25 which is negative but then the Complement Component C3 @ 175 which is high and Complement Component C4 High also.

    What does the High C3 and C4 possibly mean ???
    I think this was totally overlooked as there was never a follow up.
    In my research all I can come up with is "a depressed C3 or C4 may indicate lupus" but I dont think high means depressed....?????????????????????????????????????

    I just want to be somewhat more educated before tomorrow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks so much

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