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    I was on synthroid .50 and my TSH was still 2.74 so Dr. changed it to .75. (Note: my TSH was normal in the beginning but my T4 was low) I still didn't feel any benefit from the hormone except that TSH dropped to .03. Went to a new Dr. who was willing to prescribe armour and went on 1 grain. I felt to good, so me, yes kinda hyper but that was my personality before CFS/FM :) I began to wonder if my main problem was my thyroid as I really felt normal, blood pressure even went down to normal. But, test showed thyroid TSH still way to low and she changed me to 1/2 my med. Now, I'm back to being sluggish and icky again. Blood pressure is back up. And, frankly kinda depressed because I had a 2 week glimpse of my old self and now I'm gone again. What would happen if my thyroid was kept too low? I'm being tested again in a week. Also, what is the best way to test. Early morning, anytime? Fasting or after eating. I am going to request a T3,T4 and free T3 and T4. Thanks, Lendi