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    I have been experiencing right hand not movable w/out assistance.Index finger moves as well as thumb,Cannot FEEL index finger at all.What seems to be CNS issues throughout body.droopy right foot,keep triping on it.Right eye very sore,lights bothering me TONS more than usual.

    This is reading a MRI report on self from 2001Jan:

    "Bulging of the C5-C6 disc,no sign of mass."
    "2-3 mm foci of increased T2 signal in periventrcular white matter bilaterally,as well as the subcortical white matter of the left frontal lobe."
    "small venous agioma extending from right corona radiata inferiorly and into the posterior aspect of the right lateral ventrical."
    "anterior temporal left arachnoid cyst."

    Would any of these be a reason for numbness?
    I have no clue what much of it means,searching all over,as Always Any input very welcome!! :~}

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    ac77 hasn't been around much...don't think he's feeling too great.
    Madwolf is usually not here on weekends.
    You might try addressing your post to Sujay.
    Otherwise, keep bumping until Madwolf comes back,cause this is a tough one...I know I haven't got a clue.
    I am baffled as to why the Neurologist did not explain these results to you.
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    You need to go back and have antoher MRI done, aracnoid cyst's can cause some problem's sometime's and sometime's they can grow some. Most aracnoid cyst's are in children and they are finding that they are genetic, they can cause pain, disorentation, siezure's(sp) and a few other thing's, medication usually help's.
    The symptom's you are having need to be seen, it sound's like pressure is building up in the cyst and it's reducing blood flow to a part of your brain.Your symptom's sound like stroke symptom's.
    My DH has a brainstem tumor and my his son has an aracnoid cyst. Brainstem tumor's are usually found in children also, in children they can operate because brainstem cell's will regenerate until puberty, in adult's, they put in a shunt and you just have to live with it.
    My advise is don't mess around with this one, go have it checked asap. Don't wait until Monday, go now.
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    I'm wondering why some of this hasn't been addressed as well.I had a MRI 9 months prior to this one, difference is all of *those* findings.
    Isn't that why MRIs' are done,to compare differences?
    The research I've done so far after reading these results makes me feel a Tad Untreated ........

    Thanks All,
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    Bumping for Lisa who needs help.
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    Hi Lisa,

    Please make sure your doctor is aware of these concerns. There is a lot of confusionetween ME/CFS and MS, especially in the initial phases. Prior to availability of the polio vaccine as many as 20% of ME/CFS patients had some kind of permanent weakness or paralysis. Unfortunately, the MRI changes are still poorly understood, and doctors don't always know what to make of these findings, especially when they seem to appear in so many "normal" subjects. In my opinion, this is just another reason to check into problems with hypercoagulation. This will not provide the whole answer for everyone, but I believe it is almost invariably a component that should be taken into consideration.

    Good luck with finding a solution to your problem, which sounds awfully inconvenient, if not downright scary. I hope your doctor is willing to work with you to find the cause, and properly treat this condition.

    Best wishes,