Madwolf & all--about hormones?

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    I'm 51 and two years post menopauasal. I do not take hormones---maybe just a tad of Estrace vaginal cream. The vaginal dryness is my worst complaint. I deal with hot flashes using vitamin E. Anyway, my question---does a woman really need to replace her hormones??? I thought nature does its thing---like women did in the old days.
    I do have osteoporosis, as other members in my family. but I take Actonel to combat this problem.
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    My personal feeling is that most women with Fibro need to replace progesterone, as we are estrogen dominant. You can check out the website of Dr. Russell Roby for more info.You'll have to look into that and decide what is best for you. Estrogen made me fat and raised my blood pressure. Progesterone drops have improved my mood, and that's all they've done.

    As far as the osteoporosis, I feel the drugs leave out a lot. You still need 1,200 mgs. Calcium daily at a minimum. Calcium alone also does not do the job. You need enough vitamin D ( at least 400 Units of D3daily) esp. if you live in a far northern or very cloudy place. Try to be outside at least 15 mins. daily, even in cloudy weather, because indoor light is too low to get any vitamin D at all, not even through windows. You also need vitamin K, and the best way to get it is through eating lots of dark, leafy green veggies. Then there are magnesium, manganese and boron. Make sure you are getting 400 mgs. of magnesium and trace amts. of the other two daily.
    The drugs increase the size of bone, but don't necessarily increase the strength of it. You can read more about this by doing a search for osteoporosis at the website of Dr. Joseph Mercola.