Madwolf and everyone else I was to the Dr. today

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    Beings I am new to the board I hope I am not breaking any rules as I haven't medical info for anyone about how to care for themselves but I just wanted to tell you all this.I am so relieved tonight and so happy I have to share with someone. I wrote before my Doctor doesn't believe in pain meds. I went to a pain clinic and that doctor gave me Percoset and Soma that my doc. then continued but was always angry about it. ( I couldn't continue with him as he has a program that costs so very much money) Thanks to you Madwolf you said beings I was in severe pain after only a couple of hours I wasn't getting the right medicine. I then made an appointment with the doctor ( and thanks to the triage nurse I got to see him the next afternoon)and I told him I was on the computer and wanted something stronger and no Tylenol in it. What he was giving me I had to overdose on Tylenol to get relief. This was the only time I was brave enough to stand up for myself and demanded care to let me live my life again as I was unable to do anything I enjoyed. He was so angry and shouted at me that I was going to be dependent and he didn't make dope addicts out of people. He said I was in a flare and he would help that but no more. After he made me cry and I hate to cry in front of anyone He then gave me a patch that was 25mg of Duregisic and doubled the Percoset dosage and said go home but don't drive anymore and I will sit there with my mouth open and droolling on myself. I asked the nurse about that and she encouraged me to take the patch and if I had any problem or question call her personally. The patch was wonderful and I did everything I had been wanting to do even walking the dog and working in the yard. I only took the percoset when I had a break through. I did overdo and ended up in bed a few days and had to use the cane and feeling pain everywhere. But then I was ever so much better again and paced myself more. I was to go back in 3 weeks. I worried about it constantly and finally I asked my husband to go with me. When I got there today I got the same nurse and told her how much better I was and didn't drool one time. She hugged me and said she saw how sick I was from no sleep and and the pain before. She said she could see color in my face as before I was white as a sheet. She was so happy he found the answer and I said I wanted more but was afraid to ask him the way he acted before but she encouraged me to. She said I walking so much better too. There was a student doctor with him today and he came in first and knew what FM was and when I said that medicine worked he said great! He examined me and asked alot of questions about the disease and then the doctor came in and was all smiles. He told the other doctor I was a naughty girl as I would want my way. I said thankyou so much for helping me the last time and I really appreciated it and I wanted the script again. I said I got my life back to a great degree and my husband said He got his wife back too and he wanted him to give me medicine that would get me out of the pain. Dr. laughed about that and said now listen nothing cures FM you got to understand that and my husband said we know that but we also know people don't have to be in constant pain for their whole life and he wanted help for me. He said ok and gave me another script. He asked if we needed anything more and I said I had been looking for a pillow on the computer as mine is so old I had to finally get rid of it and I have so much pain in my neck and miss my pillow. Dr. said this lady has learned to use the computer and she always looks up things that pertain to her disease and tells me what to do and laughed as he told this to the other doctor. My husband just said thank the good Lord she does as it pays off to know a thing or two. Dr. gave me the script and shook our hands and said he wanted to see me in a mo. He wrote it for enough for a mo. I had asked him last time how much it would cost me and he shouted you want medicine and then price quotes too? Today he asked how much it cost me.My husband said he will go with me the next time too. I don't know if this was a show for the other Dr or if it was my husband being with me. When we went out I got another hug from the nurse and she said she was happy I was better. I told my husband she was the Angel that took care of me last time. He said yes, he had heard all about her from me. She told my husband she thought about me alot and wondered if I would use the patch as I expressed to her I was afraid to. She was so nice, why can't others be like that and the new guy....he will make a fine doctor someday. Sorry this was so long but I needed to vent. larayne
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    Good for you hon! I am just a couple steps behind you in my battle for adequate pain relief. I am currently taking Lortab and had been on Percocet. My jerk doc took it a step down for fear of addiction.

    Were you prescribed the patch from the pain doc or your regular doc? Do you have insurance? If not, how much was it? Percocet is very expensive but Lortab is pretty cheap w/o insurance. I also do not want to be on anything with Tylenol in it. My liver is probably going to shrivel up and fall out at this point!

    Congrats again in your success with finding relief. I pray that I will be at that point soon too!

    Lots of Love,
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    That's so great, Larayne! I am happy for you.

    Is the patch stronger than Percocet???
    Does it bother your skin?

    I am very sensitive and wonder if I would be
    able to tolerate the patch. I am allergic to
    medical tape and it has to be paper tape!

    Good luck and it's nice you stuck to your guns!

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    Yesterday I got a script for the patch 50mg. my insurance wouldnt pay for it but I had to have some pain relief. One month supply was $276.00 so I guess I wont be doing much eating this month as I dont have a husband to help out. The patch is a great help but I also have to have something for break-thru pain. Whereas 90 lorcet with insurance is only $7.00 I know I will be losing my insurance soon since I can no longer work at all.

    Also when I went to the Dr yesterday all he was concerned with was the depression, which I have told him is caused by the pain and the worry of how I am gonna survive without working. He has yet to say FM but refers only to my chronic pain.

    I was going to a PA who understood FM but the attorney who is doing my SSD case says I need a regular MD as it will look better.

    Im not to optimistic about my SSD since I have tried to work for a few months but took a turn for the worst with a flare up...

    any suggestions on all this??? Thanks you guys...
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    Your post was most definately about health issues. It dealt with the problem so many have and that is how to get a dr. to treat your screaming pain. It was soooo good to hear your have managed to get relief and learned how to stand up for yourself to the Dr. who is working FOR you. We all need to remember that we are the employer and the Dr. is the employee. Your message was informative and uplifting. Thanks for sharing your experience. Its what the site is for - sharing what could help us all.