Madwolf and others re: taking two benzos

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    I'm 35 and have had awful panic attacks since 15 (10-20 a day). I've been on 2 mg. of klonopin for 15 years now...and while the panic attacks are 95% under control, my generalized anxiety is really bad and I do have breakthrough panic attacks during really bad periods. I have asked my doctor for valium/ativan/whatever, to supplement the klonopin. My shrink is an intern and has learned to not give two benzos at a time. Period. My other doctor wants me to give him a reason why taking another benzo. would make any difference, since I'm already taking something in the same family. AND, he keeps talking about addiction. I've been on the same dose of klonopin for 15 years, never gone up. I've been given vicodin, codeine, SOMA...and have never asked for more because they don't help. How do I get across that I am well aware of the risk of addiction, but I NEED another benzo fallback for bad days.

    (BTW, I can't go up in the klonopin..I get dizzy)
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    your generalized and breakthrough anxiety. I have worked in a hospital as a psychotherapist for over 30 years, and the docs I know will not prescribe two benzo's for anxiety.

    If you haven't already tried it, you might consider asking your physician for Paxil. It is an SSRI in the anti-depressant family, but was originally designed for obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety, social anxiety disorder, and other phobias.

    I have prescribed it for my clients with these various disorders, and they tell me that it has worked wonders for them--changed their lives.

    Hope you find something that will help you get relief. Best Wishes, Carol...
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    I've been on 2 Benzo's for almost a year now without a problem. My anxiety became so severe that I couldn't do anything else because I was so paralyzed. So now I remain on 2 Benzo's and an anti-d. If the increase in Klonopin makes you dizzy, I wouldn't suggest another Benzo, as it would probably have the same effects as an increase would. I would think about an SSRI with the Klonopin. Paxil is well known for its effects on anxiety. This might be your best bet. When I take both Benzo's, there better be a bed close, because I'm down for the count!!!