Madwolf: Any opinion on using glandulars?

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  1. klutzo

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    Dear Wolfman - Three questions, if you don't mind:
    I know I have both adrenal and thyroid issues, despite normal serum testing. My TSH is 3.44 and my saliva 8 am. cortisol was only 8. I am loath to go to yet another doctor and get shot down, laughed at, or rudely dismissed. I just can't take any more humiliation from them. In my state, alt. practitioners are not licensed and cannot prescribe meds, so.....
    1)Do you have any patients who have used glandular extracts instead of Cortef and Armour? I am not worried about the Thyroid extract, but am afraid the Adrenal extract would raise my adrenaline level as well as my cortisol level, and I sure don't need that. I am in Stage 3 of adrenal exhaustion, according to my spit sample, in which adrenaline response is too strong, creating that "tired but wired" feeling.
    2) When I read the symptoms for adrenal exhaustion and thyroid problems, I see a few that are the exact opposite of mine, though I do have most of them. Can this create problems with treatment? For example, I have never been constipated in my entire life, and I have high blood pressure, rather than low.
    3) How much improved are your patients on Cortef and Armour? 50%, 75%? I need to know if it will be worth putting on my boxing gloves and going another round with another doctor, and all the additional stress it will cause me!
    Thank you so much!!!!!
  2. Shirl

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    What dosage would you recommend for GABA? I am having panic attacks each evening at about 2-3pm, have no reason why. This started last week. Never had this problem for this long before.

    I do take 0.25 milligrams of Xanax in the evening (7pm) for racing brain syndrome, have done this for 15 years off and on never had to up the dosage, or take more during the day. Am not doing so now, just 'fighting the anxiety' each day without anything.

    Would the GABA help? and is there any serious side effects to this?

    Would appreciate your help if you have the time! Gee you answer more questions on this board that anyone else.

    You really are a good guy! Thanks for all your help to everyone.

    Shalom, Shirl
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  3. klutzo

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    Obviously, I am not Madwolf, but I am someone who has been taking GABA for at least a dozen years now! I take the maximum dosage, which is 750 mgs. twice a day (1,500 mgs. total). A good starting dose would be 500 mgs. It comes in 500 mg. and 750 mg. sizes.
    Side-effects are non-existant. It is poorly absorbed due to the blood-brain barrier problem, so it takes a lot to get a little relief (just like with Neurontin).
    I had panic attacks while on GABA, so it was not strong enough for me, but it may work for you, since you are much less medicated than I am.
    You say you are panicking at 2-3 PM? Do you mean afternoon, of do you mean 2-3 am in the early morning? If it is the former, I have no idea what is going on there. If it is the later, waking up at 3 am with panic or racing thoughts is a classic symptom of stage 3 adrenal exhaustion, when your adrenals work overtime to try and catch up. Check out chronicfatigue and a dot org, click on archives, then click on Dr. Selye table and look at the various stages of adrenal exhaustion. This will show you why what works for one of us is the opposite for another one of depends upon the stage of the illness we are in.
    Lastly, I would like to point out what a doctor told me about Xanax. It is prescribed for every 8 hrs. but it only lasts in the body at effective levels for five hrs. It can produce major rebound symptoms, including panic attacks if you go longer than 5 hrs. without taking one when you are used to it. These attacks could occur any time between the fifth and eighth hour after you take Xanax. So, if you take it at 7 PM, the attack would hit any time between 12 MN and 3 AM.
    I hope you get to the bottom of this soon.
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  4. Shirl

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    Sorry, I am getting the panic feeling at 2-3PM. In fact its starting right now! Its 3pm here. This is soooo crazy, never had this happen before.

    I take the Xanax at 7PM at night, (changed from 6pm to 7pm because of the daylight saving time thing). If they are causing it, that would be almost a tweny hour difference in time? Is that possible???

    I have bought the GABA Calm by Source Naturals, its 100 milligrams of a sublingual tablet. Will give it a try since you said it has no side effects! I am such a sissy with new stuff.

    Will check out everything you said. Damn, I hate this feeling, am going to go take a walk, maybe that will get it out of my system!!!!

    Thanks to both of you, you are the greatest.

    Shalom, Shirl

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  5. Mikie

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    You are sooooo right. The people on this board are pioneers forging ahead where many in the medical community fear to tread, or just don't care to tread.

    We are paving the way for future sufferers to get helpful info and treatments from those who have fought the good fight and come out the other end. It's the best we can do til the cure come along.

    Love, Mikie
  6. Jasmine

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    I have been taking glandulars for adrenal glands for three years and I have had no side effects. I am still under the care of Dr. Poesnecker who suggested I take the glandulars. I take Adrenal Cortex fractions once a day and Adrenal Cortex Extract Drops three times a day. The Adrenal Cortex Fractions are to rebuild the adrenal gland and I can not feel much difference from it except I feel dizzy when I don't take it. The ACE drops made me feel very tired for the first couple of months and now it gives me energy when I take it. It rests the adrenal gland while it regenerates. I also have adrenaline surges in my body from stress.

    Love, Jasmine
  7. klutzo

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    Ralph - thanks for the explanation of the theory! Interesting.

    Jasmine - I wrote to Dr. Poesnecker and asked him how he was controlling to prevent parasitic contamination in his glandulars, since that can be a serious problem. He wrote back and did not answer the question, but suggested that if I thought I knew more than him, then I was welcome to treat myself! VERY defensive, and anyone who refuses to answer a simple honest question sets off all my alarm bells.

    I have decided Madwolf is correct, and I am taking the same course of action he has in treating these problems. I have made an appt. with an excellent holistic M.D. who treats Fibro the same way he does. My husband will have to take a whole day off work without pay for me to go see her, since she is several cities east of here, but I feel it will be worth it.

    Thanks all for your input! Klutzo
  8. Jasmine

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    Dr. Poesnecker is not a talker but is a very effective doctor. He has 40 year's of experience in Chronic Fatigue and he does know what he is doing.

    Love, Jasmine