Madwolf/anyone with advice regarding synthroid dosage

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    Hi, I recently started on synthroid 0.15mg (one tablet daily) Is this dosage even enough to help me? I have some cysts, and a nodule on my thyroid (fna biopsy report says no cancer)my endo doctor mentioned something about shrinking the growths? My next visit is in a few weeks (he wanted me on the med for six weeks first) What would be the three most important questions for me to ask the doctor at my next visit??? I have noticed my appetite has decreased, and I have a "little" more energy, but that is all I have noticed since starting synthroid about two weeks ago. Is 0.15mg a normal starting dose? I have gained about40lbs in a 4 month period, and the depression has been off & on. I know I have rambled a little here, but this thyroid thing is still so new to me, I have noticed many people who post here are vey knowledgeable (sp)? in this area any input would help...Thanks Kathy