Madwolf: Are Neurontin and Klonopine toxic to our bodies?

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    Dear madwolf: i beat myself up for taking medication for CFIDS. Cheneyhas me on neurontin 300 HS l mg. klonopin and 3 small drops doxepin HS then i take l (l00 mg) Neur. twice a day, i don't like the fatigue i get a little more from the nueron i even open up the capsule and empty a little. I'm one of the sickest with CFS i know i'm bedridden l8/24 hrs. a day and pain constantly flu like tongue throat bronchials buring dryness numeerous dig. problems food senstivites he says th2 overctivation

    I get hooked up wtih these pure N.D. on the internet now its a ND hoepathic she specializes in incurable and genetic disorders has porporyia and had cfs herself,

    I got tape of lorrain day MD who cured herself of deadly breast andlymph cancer forwent chemo etc. andused mostly jucing and raw foods diet,

    most ND's etc. do not like drugs and say they are all toxic tothe body. the stress of takign these makes me beat myself up but when i try to stop, i cannot sleep AT all and the N and K help the pain threshold some,

    BUT what are we doing to our bodies in teh long run,

    ARe these drugs REAlly toxic to the body?

    What is your opinion on these type of antiseizure meds they use in cfids?

    please answer i need another viewpoint. God bles paul mark in KY
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    Just bumping this for more to read. I think this is an important question and an even more important answer. Thanks, Madwolf, for all you do for us.

    Love, Mikie
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    this is one of the reasons why I studied Naturopathy...I did not like what I was seeing, and wanted to be part of changing it. My own Naturopath insisted there was no conflict in her selling out of her office, which was about 5% office, and 95% store!