Madwolf, at what time do you tell a patient to give up on a med?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Lendi, Mar 19, 2003.

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    I've taken doxepin (l0mg, low dose) for 1 week, wake up several times a night and feel like zombie the next day. Also had nightmares. I called the Dr. who said to double it for one week and see what happens. So, did that last night. Slept deeper, but still woke up several times, just went right back to sleep. I'm so tired and, well kinda loopy today. Like a major CFS flair. Couldn't make myself get up, finally got to work and lasted 5 hrs. Boss said my eyes were glassy and I looked drugged out and to go home. How long does this last? Is there a point where I give up on it? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Lendi
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    The doxepin was only for sleeping. I'm already taking Celexa. I've taken Effexor which is very good for depression, but it didn't do much for my sleep patterns. Is it a better choice than Celexa? I seem to have a very sleep resistant body. I'm a hardcore insomniac like so many here on the boards. My pcp put me on restoril (takes 2 to work) which doesn't do too bad, but the rheumy didn't like that choice and is pushing the doxepin. I asked about taking 1 of each and although he wasn't thrilled with the idea, he did say we might try that later. Thanks again. I sure wish I could become one of your patients. There are some very lucky people. For that matter, so are we here on the boards. I guess we should start paying a retainer :)
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    I took Effexor for about 2 months, I think. I also took Lexapro and my Dr. started me on a low dose then it was raised 2 times to 150mg. I was really zombied out with it. This was during the time Dr. thought I had depression before testing was done. I then had a sleep study done that showed most of my sleep in stage 2, 15% stage 3 0% stage 4. Also had muscle weakness and a good share of CFS symptoms and that Dr. diagnosed me with CFS but didn't give me any tools to work with other than rest. He was also a sleep specialist and suggested elavil and taking a medical leave of absence. The rheumy says I also have the tender pts. of FM and he's the one who is working with the doxepin. I was taking restoril (pcp prescribed it) and did sleep better and did feel better during the day, at least sometimes. I could feel a difference in my mind although sometimes I was still quite fatigued (CFS) but my mind was clear. It's just a different type of fatigue and I don't know how to discribe the difference. Would this suggest that I do have anxiety since it is an anti-anxiety med and it did seem to work? I do still go into flairs, but I do seem to be able to handle them better when it happens with the restoril. I had more pain, but I'd rather have the pain than the drugged brain feeling. Unfortunately, the only Dr. who is willing to allow the restoril doesn't believe in CFS or FM so he won't treat me for either of them. I take 10mg of celexa in the morning but could raise it to 20 as that is what my prescription says. Again, I thank you for you input. You are truly a kind and caring person. Lendi

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