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    I have been very interested the blood posts and the donation of blood products.Some say we cannot show any problem with FM blood test.Is there any medical literature on the subject that say we cannot donate. I feel FM and CFS are two differant things that cross paths. There is no doubt in my mind I have FM and through meds have eliminated 95% of fatiuge and cog mem.Last ? does hypercoagulation show up in a blood test and why do they think it is part of our problem.
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    What meds and dosages have helped your fatigue?
    Thank you in advance
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    Madwolf or gotcha for meds on fatiuge?
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    Even if our illnesses were not triggered by an infection, we are prone to infections of opportunity. These stealth infections would not show up, even if the blood banks were to try to screen for them.

    Until we know more, it just isn't safe.

    Love, Mikie
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    About 3 yrs ago I read an article of how the combo Elvil and Paxil was being used to treat FM. I was already on Elivil 2hrs before bed. I take 20 mgs Paxil and 50 mgs Elvil in combo 2hrs before bed. Its not a cure but welcome relief. The meds should be adj for your body weight as everyone is differant. Hope it helps you.
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    I don't think we should give blood because there's too much possibility that we carry a pathogen that could be passed on to others. We're used to thinking of this problem as being sporadic, because many of us are so isolated, but ME/CFS often occurs in epidemics (such as in Incline Village, Iceland and New Zealand for example). Many of my families share the same pathogens as well as the same genetic defects.

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