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    Hi..I have a question for you.......
    I have fibro and Rheumy thinks "something else" might be going on.

    In Feb and late March I had a sed rate of 34 and then one of 70.......along with photo sensitivity and fatigue... they suspect systemis lupus but have not given me a definate diagnosis..... I did the prednisone and plaquenil for a month and had a rash reaction to the plaquenil so stopped a month ago.

    I just did another blood workup this morn for my Nephroligst as I have an appt next week for blood pressure.... check up etc. My friend at the lab sent me a copy by fax this afternoon and my sed rate is all the way down to 23......I know that is good.....but what do you think ???? Am i back to normal ??? Am I out of a flare ??? Is this the lingering of prednisone ??? Maybe no lupus at all ???
    My uric acid is high @ 7.2
    WBC high @ 12.0
    RDW high @ 14.6
    Lymph ABS high @ 4.0
    All those numbers are not off charts as high but slightly high.
    Any input ???
    The uric acid has been a problem in me and rheumy says I dont have gout but no answers for it......could it be a sign of the lupus ???
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    Thanks for your reply !!!

    I have been told by TWO rheumatologists that I DO NOT HAVE GOUT !!!! I know.... I figured I did also.....this has been going on for quite 2 years or so.
    The nephrologists answer to all this was to put me on allopurinol and both rheumatologists DID NOT LIKE THAT AT ALL.......because they both disagree with the gout diagnosis in me.
    My joint pain is ALL OVER....and muscle weakness. I DO NOT have one per say inflammed hot joint like the big toe or .....
    I have had 2 negative ANA.......and RA is always negative also.
    My symptoms are:
    muscle weakness
    achy joints sometimes so bad I can hardly walk
    severe sun sensitivity
    light redness/rash across face/nose

    The one Rheumy says he is unsure but is not paying attention to neg ANA as in some cases that Neg does not mean ..........??????????

    I am concerned as the nephrologist I see will not address any of this.........."OUT OF HIS FIELD" if you know what I mean !!!

    I do not have a cold or am not "SICK" per say with infection....(that I know of !!)

    I thought it was a positive note that the sed rate had gotten down so low but .......??????
    It seems the rheumys base a lot of their things on a constant high sed rate.

    Your input and feedback is very kindly appreciated !!!

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