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    from the other side of the world. This board and people like you has been the best thing out for helping me come to terms with this DD,so thank you for that. I want to ask you about the meds I have to take and the other things I have started taking because of what I have found out here. I don't want what I am taking to "fight". Can't ask my GP as he is still on holidays and I haven't had much confidence with others I have seen in the same clinic.

    I take. Lipitor 20mgs (Atorvastin) for Cholesterol
    Losec 20 mgs (omeprazene magnesium) for Ulcer.
    Diamicron 80mgs (Glicazide) Diabetes.
    Noten 50 x twice daily (Atenol) for BP and Mitral Heart Valve probs. Was also taking Natralix but my BP dropped too low. I also have on hand Stemitil as I get a lot of giddiness. I have now added,
    Olive Leaf Extract - suggested dose 1-2 tabs daily
    Ultra Clacium same suggested dose.
    Bio Zinc which contains Zinc Amino acid chelate
    Magnesium Phosphate
    Vitamin A & Vitamin B6
    again suggested dosage of 1-2 tablets daily. Unfortunately there is no other information on bottles to tell me what is in each how many mgs each tablet. I am a bit concerned as to what is going on as try as I may I am tending to gain weight rather than lose it. My Sugar readings are also slightly higher. Always have been high in the morning but balance out well through the day so that my 3 monthly test is always good.Won't be this time if I keep going. Am drinking madly and sick of running to toilet but I must keep up the fluids I know. Do you think there is anything of concern? Didn't like taking the Zoloft because of weight gain and stopped them. If I am going to continue to gain weight I might as well go back on to them. Thanks for your help. Ozgran.

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    Hi from a fellow Aussie. I was wondering how well you thought FM/CFS was recognised in Australia. I get more information from this site than I have from any doctor. Its good to see a few more Aussies on the board. What do others think also? Luv Mellow
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    Just to say thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to answer me. I think it is great that you make yourself so readily available to us all. Love Ozgran.
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    Should have replied the other day, so hope you get this. I have checked you profile and you don't have an e-mail address up. Haven't done mine yet so I can't complain. I don't think there is a great recognition nor is there a lot of support for people with FM is Australia. Have posted before about one of my closest friends and her reaction to what I have. Know I have had this DD for years after reading on this board. Thought it only developed about 2 1/2 years ago but am remembering more and more and know it has to be closer to 20 years.And yes I think this board is the best thing I have come across. Will catch up with you again soon. Love Ozgran