madwolf can you give me your opinion please.

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    I know that your busy and I appreciate you taking the time to read this. I have been battling migraines lately that we have been trying to get control over with beta blockers and pain meds and such. However i have been in a bad way since last week. The migraine came on and it was so bad that I can not sit long. It feels as though all of my spinal muscles have weakened and can't hold me up. It is painful and fatiguing to do anything with my arms/ hands. And I am having difficulty walking. It is as if I don't know how to walk actually. When i do my knees have to lock with every step and I hobble to walk. When the pain is really bad from the migraine it is even more difficult to walk. I also have this inner feeling of the shakes inside my body. This is really getting scarey. Twelve years ago I had a migraine that left me with two or three days in the hospital and not remembering anything. When i woke from it I had to learn to walk again because I didn't know how to, it was scarey. I had not experienced that since now and I am just lost with what this may be. I have spoken with friends who have said this does not sound like just migraines to them.
    I went to my primary on Thurseday who personally called the Neurologist herself. I go in next Friday to see him. It just is really scarey and thought that maybe you could just throw a thought my way of what this may be. I know that you don't know all my back ground but i would appreciate just what this might sound like to you.
    Thank you so much.
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    Just movin' on up for Madwolf. Again, I hope you are feeling better.

    Love, Mikie
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    I don't really know much about migrainous stroke but I heard about it at, or the m.a.g.n.u.m site which is a really good one. I have a laundry list a mile long of all the migraine preventives I have tried, they were coming four a week two months ago. Got put on topamax, an anti seizure drug that is a newer drug that has been the first one to help the migraines. Good luck and I hope the website helps.
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    i have had migraines since before puberty...i think i have been on every med for them that is out there. sometimes exedrine (sp) pm will make me fall asleep so least for those few hours i have some relief. the #1 best thing that helps me is a drug called toredol...not sure if it spelled is extremely potent, but works absolute wonders for me. the only draw back is it can't be prescribed due to more than 5 doses will cause a hole in your gastro lining. but, when you feel like you are having the worst of head aches, go to the ER and tell the doc you need a shot of toredol for your migraine. if you are lucky he will do it thru an IV....just make sure you have someone with you because you will barely be able to walk to your car afterwards....BUT IT WORKS!!!! that is one thing i will almost promise will knock you out, but you won't have that migraine!!! i have also noticed that when i have gotten the toredol that i go a week or two without a horrible migraine...i do still get the little ones, but not the destructive ones...hope this helps you!
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    I had that given to me several times quite a few years ago. I remember having to stay for a while but they let me go and I drove home without any trouble and it didnt put me out. It did take the headache away the first time but each time it was a little less effective. Thankfully migrains are no longer a major problem anymore.
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    Mikie I aprreciate your concern, thank you. Thank you to all for your advice too. I have been trying to stay down as much as possible these past few days.
    I was given tordol a few months ago and it did okay with penegan that time. Then on Thursday i was given just the tordol which didn't do much for it. I was given it in a prescription too but it effected my stomach terribly so i am not able to take it. I hope that Friday they can figure it out because it is really kicking my butt..
    Madwolf I have not had a head MRI just a CAT scan. My hubby said they had done a spinal tap the last time and that is how they discovered it was the migraine some how. Like i said though i don't remember, I was out of it. I will keep you all up to date.
    Thanks again, I appreciate it.