Madwolf Flexeril & Ultram- seritonin syndrome?

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    Hi Madwolf ,Would taking both ultram which decreases seratonin uptake (I'm pretty sure) and Flexeril (which I think does also), be a problem and cause of seratonin syndrome.
    Both these meds seem to be on the fringes of the "normal" SSRI's so research isn't helping me so far.
    I can't ask my doctor since he is just getting to know me and I don't want him to think I am "experimenting" on my own, which I am!
    If I wait for the doctors to find the right combination for me I'll be 6 feet under!

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    thank you,Ziggy
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    I posted another message regarding my question, ie; Mixing SSRI's, and some input about it from a book I read.
    I am also waiting on an answer now from my psychiatrist and will let you know what he says.