Madwolf from Paul Heidleburg Capsule Test ? again

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    I live in rural w. ky. the GI drs. are so mainstream my last one wouldn't even look at the comp. digestive stool analysis test and Dr. Cheney's notes on hypoachlordia, and dig. enzymes, and poor protelytic digestion, overgrowth of bad stuff etc. and alkaline PH in small intestine, just said i didn't learn that in med school and he was only 40.

    So i have an appt. with a Dr. Finch in Murray, these guys are so mainstream around here and I'm too sick to travel far, i have to have people take me as is, having reflux, becoming sensitized to the plant enzymes kirkman labs plant = to HCL as they are all from aspergillus i know i'm sensitized to them cause I tried none for couple of test and allergies were better but the CATCH 22 my middle name was i couldn't digest my food and seeme dto have more reflux,

    The heidleburg capsule test, see my earlier pOST please ,

    describes, the procedure, IS this only a test N.D.'s do?
    If so is there an alternative test beside the same ol' endoscope the GI drs. always do to determine insufficient Hydrocloric acid?
    Will the 24 hr. aciditiy monitor test determine that?
    I have a GERD "a look at medical treatment and laparoscopic surgery pamphlet" that descrieds

    Esophageal manometry but that is used to measure muscel tone of the LES
    Monitoring Acid in the Esophagus, a pH monitoring test, a thin acid measuring probe is placed in esophagus for up to 24 hrs. to reord how much acid washed back from your stomach into your espogas this may be the 24 acidity test, but I DON"T think it measures whether one has insufficient HCL

    IS the concept of hypoachloridia a FOREIN concept to "conventional" gastroenterologist?

    Thanks I need some imput, so I can discuss options with this dr. on 8/l3 if he has doesn't do the Heidlebergy capsule test.

    Thanks Paul Mark in KY
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    I'm gonna bump ya' again, you just keep rollin' over to the back pages! LOL, good luck.
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    I went to an M.D., but he was holistically oriented, so I would think he/she would have to be open to alternative medicine..but had that test done, and I had achlorhydria (no acid in the stomach)..