Madwolf/Gary&Kim--Others w/ Both Spouses FM/CFS?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by layinglow, May 4, 2003.

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    I remembered (odd) that Madwolf and Gary and Kim are two families who are living in households with both spouses affected by these disorders. Can you give me any information on this. Do you believe it is contagious or pre disposed individuals happening to merge?

    Was one affected first and then the other? Did you each have CFS/FMS before meeting? Any info you could give me on this would be greatly appreciated.

    My husband has an appt. to see my FM/CFS Doc, on Tues. I am very concerned---he has been having a terrible time of it.

    Thanks so much,
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    Hi LL,
    My husband and I both have this DD. We both had it before we met but we have both gotten much worse in the 8 years that we have been together. My husband has tested positive for epstein barr, cv40, and mycoplasma. I don't know if I have them or not. I don't know how I could avoid contracting them (if I havent already) but I may have had them all along.
    The fact that we have both gotten so much worse makes me wonder if we contributed to each others viral load.
    Needless to say, this is a very bad arrangement for us. Financially, no one is able to take up the slack. The stress is making the illness worse.
    This DD runs strongly in both of our families with some members being completely debilitated by it, and no recoveries whatsoever.
    Wish I had better news. Best luck to you and your husband.

    Mrs. Zoso
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    I can tell you that Michael already had CFS when I met him, and I probably had FMS when I met him but didn't know it. If I hadn't been doing research on CFS I would have never recognized what is going on with my own health! My symptoms have really caught up with me though over the course of the last year,and have really gotten out of control in the last 6 months. It seems like I just woke up one day, and what was just fatigue, fever,and sore throat turned into a heck of alot of pain. But Michael is holding his own.
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    our last son was born; about 4 years ago. We to have had more and more new symtoms over the years.

    Re infecting each other, I have asked this Q. The answer is always the same, no. But, we wounder.

    Hope this helps. Kim and Gary

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    I'm convinced that I gave this to my 10 year old son, passing on mycoplasma as a trigger. However, I think you need a genetic predisposition. I'm a family phsician, and I've got lots of families with more than one generation affected. Try looking up "hypercoagulation" in the search box above for more info.