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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bluebirder, Feb 5, 2003.

  1. bluebirder

    bluebirder New Member

    Is it necessary to see a nurologist after the Dr says they are sure you have Fibro? Hubby thinks it is a waste of money. But then he isn't supportive in any way at all right now.

    I had 14 of 18 tender ponts.
    Rh was fine,
    kidneys fine
    electolites fine
    liver fine
    sugar 75
    ANA normal


    Are there any other things I shoould ask the New Dr about?
    I saw a different doctor for 20 years and didn't feel as comfortable as with this new one. Perhaps because she is female. I gave her a written list (so I'd remember to ask) of things I have trouble with so she would know my history. She actually put them in the medical file instead of handing it back as the old Drs did!! She diagnosed Fibromyalgia.

    Another member of a pain support group I joined after a car accident suggested I ask about disability. I didn't think I qualified but after a lawyer came to speak to our group I am wondering. Hubby wants me to pursue it.I don't know if I qualify and I don't know if the old Dr would back that up. The new Dr has my records but doesn't know me yet.

    This new Dr tells me alot of my "complaints" are text book sides of Fibro.

    How do I know if I should fight for the disability or try and go back to work someplace. I know I can not do what I did before. The last six months I worked displayed that for me. Preschool work is out, standing long out, sitting long out and walking for distances is kind of a one step at a time type of thing. Sometimes I am stable on my feet and the next step may not be.
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    I was diagnosed 10 yrs ago, and I was sent to a neuro doc to rule out MS. He thought I probably had it, but it wasn't in an active state, and would one day become full blown. I don't know why he thought this, but that is what he said. He did numerous tests, and along with my primary doc, they came up with Fibromyositis (now fibromyalgia).

    It was just in the past few months that I've seen another neuro doc. My doc wanted another MRI to see if MS had shown up, and the MRI showed bright spots on my brain.

    Anyway... I think you should go to rule out everything else before you settle for the FM diagnosis. Do you have insurance? Ask your primary doc to recommend a neuro,so you will know for sure. Oh, my doc takes every list and my written notes and puts them in my chart. She said that she can refer to them at future visits,and keep herself up to date on how I feel.
    I am so foggy right now, I hope this post makes sense! Bottom line, I would recommend seeing a neuro to be safe! Patti G
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    Ok, thanks. Already been that route before when Drs could figure out what was wrong with my back etc.

    Insurance tends to come back with "not payable for diagnosis reported" and does not cover "consultations" at all.

    I see the Dr again on Thursday next week. Will ask her for the referal again as Hubby threw out the paper she gave me saying I did not need to pay for any specialist.
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    Youcan always cancel your application for disability, but it takes a really,really long time to win a disability case, so start right now if you can't work and are going to need money if you can't go back.
    I did not see a thyroid panel in the tests you had and that is a must. Make sure they do not just run a TSH. Insist on the whole panel, including free T3.
    BTW, I was dx'd with probable early MS, which would some day become full blown, but 4 yrs. later it turned out to be FMS. Only an MRI of the brain can tell for sure.
    Good luck,