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    Just a question because I've seen your recent posts on your and your wife's current herx-fest.

    Last week, I ran a very low-grade temp for 2 days -- just a degree or so, very noticeable because I usually run 97.5 or so -- and then that went away and my left hand and arm swelled and became exquisitely painful and hot. The worst attack I've ever had. I have reactive arthritis but have never had the heat and swelling along with the pain. I had no other symptoms of any kind, except fatigue. That lasted 2 more days and then went away entirely.

    My doc said he thought the work we've been doing to bolster my immune system was beginning to bear fruit and that I had been herxing. I'm not so sure. What do you think?

    Let me join the choir of thankful voices on this forum for all the help you give us....Hope you and wife are feeling better now.
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    I hope your doc is right. I am sorry you are having such a nasty reaction, though. Take care and rest a LOT and drink water like crazy.

    Love, Mikie
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    I appreciate so much your responses. I really felt pretty good over the weekend, once the swelling went away, but am starting to feel lousy again. I have not been on ABX this time. I did just begin with Enbrel, but that was after the herx started and I understand that Enbrel works just to reduce inflammation, and doesn't attack the root cause.

    I'll have to buy a lemon (since I've been off them for a while) and see if that recipe works for me.

    Again, many thanks. It's interesting to go through this after three 6-month courses of ABX (last one was a couple of years ago) and no herxing!
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    Sounds similar to the Liver Gallbladder flush my husband advises some of his patients to do. They always dump bunches of gelatenous stones. Many have reported the cancelation of surgery (gallbladder); this includes my mom.