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  1. sofy

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    I have had an 2" soft tissue knot right next to my spine for years. Finally let them inject it with a mild steroid 2 years ago and the relief was exquisite till now. Your recent post about lidocaine patches got me to thinking about this as an alternative approach for this knot. Ela-Max and Topicaine-Gel are two products used by dermatologists for localized pain control before procedures. Both products say to spread it on very thick but I used a thin coat and then made an occlusive bandage of saran wrap and it worked. Left it on for several hrs but took it off at bed time and I am still comfortable this morning. Oh la la. Next time I will warm the skin up with my hair dryer for better absorption. Dont think this would be practical for large areas but for me for now it worked.
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    where can I get the ela max and topicaine gel?
    do I have to get it from a dermatologist? or is it avail over the counter???

    I keep saying if ONLY I had some topical lidacaine!

    those icy hot, ben gay, capsaisin ( sp?) rubs do NOTHING for me!

    A friend of my husband twisted his knee and the dr. in the ER gave him some topical lidacaine.

    He offered me a little for my own knee which ALWAYS hurts (dash board knee) and it was awesome.
    Ihad pain relief ALL day.

    somewhere here I read a post on "microwave corn bags"
    You may be interested in that too.
    it's a "make your own heating pad" cheap and portable!
    You can even take them to work.
    I plan to make some for my hands for duck hunting season.
    I'm too bad off now pain wise to deer hunt anymore :(

    well, I see my thoughts have strayed off again.

  3. Starla

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    Thanks for the wonderful tip! We can't wait to try it, now how do we get out hands on the stuff?
  4. sofy

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    They are over the counter but doubt if you will find them in any drug store. I checked several drug stores and they would all special order it for me but at an outrageous price. The topicaine gel you can order from the mfg. 1-800-677-6299 or the have a website that is topicaine (edited by Moderator). Last time I checked the ela-max people quit selling it directly, at a fab price, and sent you to a distributor for a hugh mark up. You are more likely to find a better price at supplier for waxing or electrology. Medical is always a higher mark up.
    Dont let me mislead you. Nothing you put on the surface is going to go deep and cause lasting pain relief. At best you will get the few good hrs that I got but for me that was enough to warrent passing it along. good luck.
    Ps: Emla is another product but most I talked to said it wasnt as effective as the other two but like everything else it is a toss.