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    I read your response to Hippo about the determination of malingering and wondered if you could elaborate a little on how a doctor would be able to judge that?

    I have been able to dig up my resume and former work history to give my lawyer to send with the rest of the recon info. I also sent him copies of two years' worth of monthly department "files worked" reports that showed I was one of the highest producing underwriters in the company, until the month before I was forced to quit my job because of the severity, frequency, and duration of my symptoms.

    Is that the kind of stuff they look for in determining whether one is a malingerer? I always thought that item would be considered subjective evidence, because of not having any actual tests for it -- or are there tests for it? Thank you so much for any insight you can offer. :)

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    If I did either of the tests you just explained. I would be in pain. The ones for non-malingering. I have back and neck injuries I believe. I was rear ended in a car accident over a year ago. At a standstill making a left hand turn, siganl on, and a car hit me going 45 mph. I wasn't expecting it. My back,hips,and legs havn't been the same. I am lopsided. One side is shorter than the other. If I put more weight on one side to compensate for the other, then one side hurts. Then vice versa. What can be done with it though? Chiro said he did all he could for me.

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    I supect that I have been given a few of thoes test's, but I would be Honest enough to say, no that dosen't hurt, because I have said that to a Doctor now and then, lol.

    I'm glad that pt's can't "pull the Wool over your Eye's", I do get really mad, when I'm sitting in the waiting room, and I hear someone talk as if they are only there for the Pain Med's, not to find Help in getting better.
    Makes it Hard for the rest of us.

    Thanks again,