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    Know your busy, if you have time please read Madwolf, Mikie, Fibromiester, If not:

    Went to Nurse practioner, we were both right. Systemic candida, she wants to look into hypothroidism. Told her of Dysautonomia symptons (see shower site). She wants to do workup on that.

    My question. I am very sensitive with drug side affects. Will my candida get better with just a strict diet and maybe something like grapefruitseed extract. Have a script for nystatin suspension. My stomache is already so bad, I am afraid to make it worse. What kind of side affects might you get? REally appeciate any advice. Got Crooks book and cookbook, have to go the healthfood store. Hugs, Deb
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    Thank you so much, I will do exactly as you say. Hugs, Deb
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    I couldn't agree more with Madwolf--He is right on!
    Thought I would relay my experience with systemic candida.

    I tried the Nystatin (my stomach was already a mess as you say yours is). It made me deathly ill! I had to discontinue after 4 days.

    I used the diet he recommended and grapefruit seed extract.
    In addition to that I also took berberine.

    That has been months ago! I am free now---my IBS symptoms are gone, it's heaven!

    Best wishes,
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    the candida diets are as many as stars in the sky, Mad is right about sugar and flour,

    some diets say low carb veggies and no grains

    others don't limit these

    the yeast is due in some of us from what i've learned from cheney due to the low HCL in many cfs patients allowing the "bad guys of all types to come in" as says d adamo in Eat right blood type book when microbial barrier is lower, these microbes whether yeast fungi whatever are not held in check

    I"ve heard no squash no carrots, it's very confusing

    you read one diet and another says something else

    So i guess the point is everybody has a different opinion on antii yeast diets

    kind of like the soy articles