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    Can any of you please clarify this business of negative myco tests and then taking ABX for a month or so then myco being found.

    Has this actually been prooven by tests that after a month or so on ABX the tests will come back positive or is it just conjecture?

    If this happens does this mean that mycos can revert from their intracellular state to an intercellular state or have I got this all wrong!? And if so do you know of any other vits, mins, herbs etc that might also do this?

    I've seen the patent for myco. incog. ferm. Can you please tell me though does this mean that that doctor "invented" the beastie or just that he was the first person to find it?

    Thanks for your help, good luck to you all with your myco treatment and please keep on posting about how you are getting on,

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    On mycoplasmas and you can learn all about how Dr. Lo holds the patent on some mycoplasma strains. Dr. Nicolson did not invent them; he found them while looking for the cause of his daughter's Gulf War Illness. He then discovered mycoplasma also plays a part in many with CFS/FMS. There is some info here in our library, but it isn't the complete story.

    The half-life of mycoplasma DNA is only 24 hours. Unless blood is drawn, carefully shipped at the right temperature, and tested right away, so much of the DNA can be degraded that one gets a false negative reading. Taking the ABX keeps the mycoplasmas from being able to penetrate new cells and therefore, they may be more numerous in the blood fluids and testing at this point, before they die of starvation (they need to be able to penetrate cell walls in order to live--they are parasitic) may reveal their presence. A lot of this info has come about more recently as the mycoplasma treatments evolve.

    BTW, if you do a search here on the word mycoplasma, all of Jelly's posts will come up and they are very informative.

    Love, Mikie