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    Hoping for some help or ideas on this. Results on 24 hours saliva tests are -
    OESTRADIOL 8am 7.7 REF post menopause <10 (am officially perimenopausal, no periods since Jan.)

    PROGESTERONE 68.5 REF post menopause <50 (as above)
    TESTOSTERONE 168 REF female - 10-100

    CORTISOL 8am 8 REF 6-33
    noon 11.9 REF 4-28
    4pm 9.5 REF 4-11.8
    midnight 2.7 REF 1-5

    DHEAs 8am 11.8 REF 4-29
    noon 13 REF 2.5-13
    4pm 6 REF 2-6
    midnight 2.5 REF 1-4

    Their comments -
    Cortisol profile; slightly erractic hormone output (8am relatively low should be highest value of the day unless circadian rythm disrupted (IT IS) otherwise profile has all results within normal range.
    DHEAs profile - normal hormone output
    Testosterone - above normal range, all samples provided testosterone levels above reference range.
    Oestradiol and progesterone need to be interpretted with knowledge of patient's normal cycle (none since Jan).

    Have some form of postural weakness, it's pretty extreme these days, heat and sensory overload especially light set it off. From age 13 could run, walk, swim for miles, but standing still for too long and I'd suffer, in heat I'd pass out. Blood pools in my legs and pelvis area feels painful and conjested. Bad circulation, arms significantly effected by this. Mother (heart problems) and son have seemingly similar but milder forms of this.

    Madwolf you thought some of heat reaction due to thyroid, GP did too but lab said TSH normal so went no further on levels. Will ring tomorrow for exact level, what do I need as a guideline on this? I will have to pay privately for further tests.

    Heat making all attempts at keeping blood sugar levels up impossible, temp's dropped a bit but body and sugar levels still feel very *unstable*. Cannot get diet right to keep these stable. If I go for the really low glycaemic ie like Atkins I'm in a real mess, body just seems unable to adjust round to burning fat. Activity/exercise just produces heat not energy.

    Female hormones - always had problems, mother and sister too. OC brought about major PE, fell pregnant easily twice (1 spontaneous abortion) then could not fall pregnant at all. PMS heavy and painful periods better after first unsuccessful pregnancy - had D&C. Progesterone drops for stomach helped remaining PmS 15 years ago. Whilst menstruating day before and first 3 days condition worse, when taking ibuprofen for pain felt a lot better generally. Family history of breast canceron mother's side.

    Perimenopause everything went haywire which lead to periods all the time then they suddenly stopped in Jan (yipee). GP arranged test on hormone levels but they only did the one for perimenopause despite her request. Using alternative HRT red clover and black cohosh.

    Dr Roby's site makes some sense but bits are wrong for me, ie when symtoms worse, problems with oestrogen (?) - PE, and really unwell throughout successful pregnancy.

    Sorry this is so long but want to get of bottom of it all. Can address hypercoaguation with bromelain etc, infections with herbs etc, candida, but don't know where to go at all with these areas.


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    bumping, hope someone with more info reads this.

    Tansy i have no way of knowing what this means......have a major brian fog at the moment, hope madwolf or klutzo are around

    cheers, pinkquartz
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    I appreciate that.


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    and do you think I should pay for further thyroid tests anyway if my TSH is higher than 2. Tried to phone for actual level but it's been engaged everytime but will chase that up. After adverse effcts of heat still can't keep sugar levels steady, seems my brain's taking time to realise it has cooled a bit.

    So many factors for me in this DD must admit I'm getting a bit lost in it all, though do understand a lot more.


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    Result from test is TSH 0.9 REF 0.35-5.5

    Would you still recommend thyroid and if so what form do you recommend? I know the more holistic drs like armour thyroid but this is more complicated to prescribe on the NHS, so not all GPs will prescribe it.

    If this is the best I'll press for that but if GP wants to use one of the more orthodox which would you recommend?

    I presume lowest doses to start with would be best.

    Thanks so much for your time and input. I feel taking some of the strain off my body's systems would give it a better chance of dealing with pathogens and the other things that have been going wrong over the yeasrs.

    Love and thankyou hugs.

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    if you can get the armour i cant recommend it enough.

    i wasted years on thyroxine before i could get to the armour thyroid.

    if you have a conversion problem you won't be helped by thyroxine, and its hard to get the cytomel [t3] here.
    it is possible if difficult to get the armour, but it is availble on the NHS.

    you said the lab said you were normal , but what was the reading ?

    will you be able to get the cortisol?

    i am trying to read up on hormones but find it really hard work.
    are the herbs you take to replace progesterone and estrogen or just one of them ?
    hope you dont mind the questions , i am trying to figure out the hormones and am wondering if you knew if you were estrogen dominant or not.

    love, pinkquartz

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    Think I've always been oestrogen dominant but not absolutely certain, no tests done until recently then they just stopped when I was found to be perimenopausal. So far have only saliva test to go on and don't know how to interpret that part.

    I do use dong quai, red clover, and black cohosh and they help. Can't use agnus castus because I'm allergic to anything from cactus. Have used wild yam for but not convinced on that. Realise this area needs sorting too but not until cortisol and thyroid sorted.

    Thanks for the info on armour thyroid very helpful. Will find out TSH level which hospital lab said was in normal range so they didn't go any further, if higher than ideal will try GP but I will probably have to pay for the right tests.

    If she agrees to cortisol will try that first then if she's convinced will add armour thyroid afterwards.

    By the way tried to send e-mail got returned but will try again. In case it doesn't get through again just want to confirm yes it is ok. Thanks for message on CCB it was appreciated, had to giggle though just because I did the same so many times myself.

    Take care


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