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    Thankyou for all your replies. I so appreciate your interest and kindnesses.

    Madwolf I will copy the name of the medicine down and take it with me next time I see the doctor. He really needs educated on FM. My husband really agrees with your assessment.

    kmelodyg I was given the patch from my regular doctor. No, We do not have medicine insurance. We both are seniors and on Medicare with Supplemental Ins. (pay over a 100 dollars a mo. on each of us for Supplemental plus Medicare is additional and no medicine is covered..all out of our own pockets and it is sure hard as my husband is ill also. He had a heart attack and also has Bronchial Asthma which just one inhaler costs $130. It will last one mo.) The Durigesic Patch 25mg. 10 of them for a mo. (change them every 72 hours) is $133.43. The Pain Clinic was too expensive for me to even think about. I sure hope and pray you get relief soon. Thankyou again, Love LaRayne

    applyn59 I don't know what is stronger Patch or Percocet. The patch works better for me with percoset for break through. See Madwolfs replies to me. Good advice. As for the skin...I am getting along ok at the moment. Sometimes it itches but no redness or anything to worry about. I can use tape as well. If you are not sure and your doctor wants you to try the patch buy only one as they are very expensive. I know they can sell only one as my doctor ordered 7 to start and they come in a box of 5 so he broke a box to give me 7. Thankyou and I hope you find what helps very soon. Love La Rayne

    mstg You are lucky you have insurance now. Can you get COBRA when you have to quit working? I had to retire and I got it for 6 mos. I think through Blue Cross Blue Sheild. It was expensive tho. This was 10 years ago tho. I don't know how old you are or the restrictions of the Ins. but there is a Together Ins. Policy that covers some medicines. I checked into that yesterday via my Pharmists advice and we qualify for it and I will save 12 dollars on my patch...not much but with all the medicine we both take every little bit helps. As for this depression thing it makes me so angry when they say that. Yes we are depressed. Why would we not be with all the problems we have to deal with plus being in pain. If your PA understands your needs and is kind to you...stay with him. My daughter goes to a PA and she would have no one else. My experience was...I went to the one here when my doctor was on vacation and he was great but the doctor that had to sign the script was not. She said there was no such thing as FM. I was diagnosed many years ago and it was fibromyositis or something like that that time. I really feel sorry for you and pray the gov't will come up with a plan to help us all soon but it seems doubtful. Good Luck with your SSD. Lots of hugs LaRayne

    Sofy Thankyou for your reply. All the people here are so friendly and caring. You are so very right that We Are The Employer as I got my statement from Blue Cross today and my visit for 3 weeks ago was $108.00 for him to yell at me. That doesn't seem right does it. But I did get what I wanted. However I didn't enjoy being called a naughty girl that wanted her way yesterday but I didn't fuss either. Next time I'll remind him to have a little respect for me also. Love to you and all and thanks for the warm fuzzies as I really needed them. LaRayne

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    That's crazy how expensive it is! But I guess that other things can be just as high priced. I will definatly ask my doc about putting me on something w/o Tylenol. It really concerns me. Thanks for the info!

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    The drugs they use to prevent nausea during
    chemo cost $60 a pill!!! Luckily, I did some research
    and called the company's drug program people
    that physicians are supposed to call. I got lots of questions answered and we applied and they
    gave my mother three month's worth. She didn't
    want to take them when she was paying.

    That duragesic price is comparable to many
    antidepressants, acid blockers, etc.

    It's worth it if it works.
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    Hi larayne,

    If you are on Medicare and don't have any insurance coverage for meds you qualify to get a drug card
    that gives price breaks on meds. My mother
    was paying $130 for one pill she takes and now
    she only has to pay $15.

    Go to a website named TogetherRX
    They have a form there to download and fill
    out. They also have a list of covered meds.
    Duragesic is on the list - I just checked it for you.
    Several drug companies got together for this
    program so drugs do no have to be from
    same manufacturer. Each drug company
    chooses their own discount. One drug my
    mother still had to pay $90 for but it was still
    a lot less than without this card.

    Please go to the site and see all the info for