Madwolf, may I ask a question please?

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    I recently had a TSH test done. Results are TSH is normal, T4 slightly elevated and my T3 was 240. Per my pain management doc she was not concerned about my pituitary gland, but as to why my thyroid was firing off. I went to an endocrinologist and he did not seem too concerned, but is running a free tsh, T4, T3, and looking for antibodies that might be attacking my thyroid...Also, he mentioned Grave's disease, but said most likely I would not need any medications. He did check my thyroid while in his office by putting his fingers on my neck, nothing noticeable.

    Have you seen these kinds of results in your patients with FM? Or know of any possible reason for the elevation? Your help, as always is appreciated!!! Be blessed!!!!!!

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    Bumping for selfish reasons..LOL
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    Before Madwolf get here, can you please go look at your TSH result and post the number here?
    Many docs do not know that the normal range has been lowered quite a bit, so when you say it is "normal" we don't really know for sure.
    My PCP just told me two months ago that my TSH of 3.44 was perfectly normal, since her lab says anything up to 5.5 is normal.
    Not true. The doc I am now seeing treats any TSH over 3.0, and treats any TSH over 2.0 in a person who has relatives with either thyroid problems or depression. The ideal for an adult woman is 1.0.
    I can't tell you how much better I feel, now that my "normal" Thyroid is being treated!
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    Hey there! I believe my T3 was 240, as for my T4, I will have to post when I get home to give you the exact numbers. I will also list my "NORMAL" TSH numbers :p
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    T4 direct .91 scale .61-1.76
    TSH .725 scale .350-5.500
    Thyroxine T4 13.6 scale 4.5-12.0
    Triiodothyronine T3 240 scale 85-205

    What do you think now Madwolf, still hypo?
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    Bumping for selfish reasons again..HEHEHE
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    Hope you are having a wonderful day! My symptoms are as follows: extreme fatigue, weight loss recently, but now cannot loose anymore. Muscle fatigue and burning pain, mild anxiety, heart palpitations, excessive sweating, always freezing cold...Strange huh??? As if this DD is not confusing enough, here we add another component..

    Thanks for your help, it is sooooo appreciated.

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    I was hoping for something more cheerful..LOL And, yes I have no estrogen either...LOL I was told it was because of the BC pills I take...GGRR