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    This will probably be lenghty, sorry. Also having problem with spelling past few days.

    I went to see a nurse practioner today. I asked her to please listen to what I had to say. I told her about fibro, tmj,illfitting denture......I told her I was sick 365 days a years. I told her that fibro should not affect me like this everyday of the year. That I ahve been in a major flair for over a month, and that each one is worse. And about all the jointpain that I didn't have before, and the weakness, and the throat and stomache problems and about the shower and how I have been feeling since. Then I told her about this site and how I found all this info and that I thought I knew what was wrong with me. I showed her the post on dysautonomia, showed her the questionaires for yeast which I weighed in the extreme,I showed her the 3 page list of yeast symptons with most of them checked off. I showed her a article about fibro, candida and hypothroidism. I showed her a list of hypothroid symptons and told her about the free t3 and t4 and that fibro patients normally had normal labs. I told her I am no better since shower thing, that I am still lightheaded on my feet, that my head still feels like it is in a vice, how I keep getting sweaty and sick to my stomache. How I felt so sick and woozy pushing a cart in walmart. I have been like that so many times, and driving gets me too. And how my vision gets distorted driving. She asked me alot of questions. She asked to see my tounge, and went oh, yeah. Told her it had been that way for about 3 years, and many medical people had seen it and told me to brush it away. She used to work out of a major city hospital and told me they had a large population of candida patients. She agreed without doubt that it is systemic candida. Told me the throat and itchy burning pressure in stomache area was candida not acid reflux. She gave me a script for mycostatin susp. A liquid so I could squish my mouth and swallow, since it was so bad there. Told me I would get a whole lot worse before I got better. Told me to take Childrens chewable probiotics, and asked me if I knew about the diet. So we talked. Told me to continue prilosec only if I had real reflux symptons. I told her I would just take tums as needed and she shook her head. Loaded with sugar, I would not have realized that. So I guess I have to become alittle detective. She wants to do the free t3 and t4 for throid, feels I have that to. She went to check a text book on dysautonomia to make sure my article was good, it was. She wants to do a cardiac workup and a tilttable test and a 24 hour blood pressure thing and some other bloodwork. It is her belief that these things are brought on by the candida and will go away when the parasites are gone from my body. She said my immune system was compromised and that my nutritional status wasn't to
    good. She said it would take 6 months to a year to get better, and that it wasn't going to be easy. I told her how I lost 36 pounds and I was afraid of loosing more. She said I could get enough calories if I ate alot of protien. She said the best way to do it was bing, bang BOOM!! But she could understand me wanting to start it slowly. I told her I couldn't stand to feel any worse than I do now, so I don't want to shock my body with this. I told her How I had given up on Dr. Hart, and that I was tired of everthing being blamed on fibro, stress, my marriage and meri-peri-menopause. And how I was just going with it lately cause I was so fed with this state I am. I went to the health food store, and told the guy what she wanted me to take, she shook her head at that, so I asked her why. She said many patients have been given that stuff with terrible side affects and don't get better on it. Told me they did improve on natural things like grapefruit seed extract and oregano and garlic and stuff with no sideaffects. She said killing off the yeast will feel bad enough without added sideaffects. So madwolf or someone please help me, who do I believe?????? I just clicked on something and lost this, then I got it back thru edit.

    I want to thank everyone I have had contact with on this board. You are so compassionate and caring and understanding and nurturing. I have been praying for a long time that someone would believe that I am really sick!!
    I am so sick of the mental connection thing!!! God has brought me to this site, I believe that. I thank him and I thank all of you. So My ears filled up with tears at the docs, finally someone believes me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She also said I have beginning Raynauds syndrome, and to go to a opthamologist to have sogrens checked out. I have a bloating under my right rib area, sometimes feels like something is getting stuck, so she wants to check my liver out to. But I seem to get that when I have gas. Madwolf could it be gas? She didn't feel it.
    Thanks again for being who you are, being sick gives us the ability to empathize with each other. You are all the best christmas present I have ever gotten. Much love and hugs, Deb
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    I'm not an expert on candida, but from what I read she gave you excellent advice and recommendations. I would go with what she said. She seems to be well-informed and even double-checked when she was unsure. I always appreciate health care professionals who do that.

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    I have spent hundreds of dollars on natural supplements suggested by chiropractors, natural food/supplement sales people and by fellow sufferers, nothing worked. I strongly believe that you and your doctor, who seems thorough and well informed, need to do tests for a host of problems (see previous posts here on tests, hypercoagualtion,etc) and then treat the problems that result. We do not all manifest the same problems so we can not all be treated the same. I would go with your doctor on the Candida problem but taking a supplement like grape leaf extract can't hurt, just don't overdo and buy a lot of different supplements that treat the same thing. Just my advice, good luck.

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    Give it a try. She is right; you may feel worse until the Herxing is mostly gone. This means that lots of stuff is dying off. Drink tons of water to flush them out. You already feel like crap, so Herxing isn't going to make it that much worse, and eventually, you will start to feel better when the nasty beasties are leaving your system.

    Bless your heart; you have really had a rough time of it, but I'm glad you have found a medical professional who is so thorough and compassionate. Good for you.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Deb,

    I have a friend who had a candida infestation...that's how she described it. She had to forgo sugar in any form for well over 18 months to eradicate it from her body. It is so very hard to get rid of it completely. My friend couldn't eat fruit,some vegies, such as peas, yoghurt, breads except for pita...(lebonese or greek bread). She had a very boring diet for all that time and still doesn't eat anything that contains or breaks down into sugar.
    The thing is that just when you think it's gone you have to be extra vigilant because it just takes a small amount of sugar in any form to make it flare back up.
    Just think of it like a mould on the bathroom ceiling. You have to kill off every last cell of it so it won't come back.And it lurks about in your system just like the mould on the ceiling.

    Good Luck, I hope you get the help you need.
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    Is it safe or advisable to take mycostatin and grapefruitseed extract at the same time?
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    I tried the Natural Anti-Fungals for 2 months and felt sick, but still had candida. Now that I've been on the Rx med's, I'm getting BETTER. Stick to the MED's and hold off on the herb's for a while- don't do both. And you may feel worse for a week or so, but you ARE getting BETTER !!
    I'll talk to you later about the diet
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    I take the grapefruit seed extract to keep the candida at bay, NOT to get rid of it. If I -- usually through my own lack of discipline -- get a candida bloom going, I take the Rx treatments, then return to the gentler natural remedy later. Absolutely do take the probiotics, because you'll be killing off everything.

    Having done the Atkins diet, I can tell you that the only way to get off of sugar is all at once, cold turkey, as he advises. You'll struggle with cravings for a week to 10 days, but then it will start to get better. Fruit juices are just about the worst, they are all sugar. Once you get past the craving period, you'll be fine. Promise!
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    I'm so glad you finally got to your appointment. Sounds like your NP is a good one. Listen to Sandy's post before mine. She has good advice. This all can be really difficult to deal with but the one thing that gets me thru all my discomforts is it can be WORSE!!!! We could all be dx'd with terminal painful cancer or something horrid. So keep your chin up and the way I did a post today on this DR. that was on Larry King Live last night. Read it. I think this Dr. has somthing in his advice that might help us all. Take care!!! ((((((((HUGS))))))))) Pammy
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