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    I know you have asked this question a million times, and I appreciate your patience. My hubby was in the Air Force (retired now) and was diagnosed 4 or 5 years ago with CFS. He had gone thru extensive testing etc, and the doctor told him at the time that he didn't know what was wrong and that CFS was the waste basket diagnosis that he had come up with. Michael was not had any treatment in all these years and has the sleep disorder, severe fatigue, (you know the drill) etc. He didn't even know what it was, until I did searches and found this site etc.
    My question is, what is the best way to approach the doctor? Will the pain chart and lack of sleep documentation be enough do you think? To be honest, I think he has fibro because I have CFS and Fibro, and he has all the same symptoms, plus he's hypoglycemic. He already has a disability rating for Ashma (spelling?) and he wants them to take him seriously instead of thinking he is trying to get more benifits. Any advise would be welcome. My email is in my profile, if you want to email me,
    Do you think most doc's think of CFS/Fms as differnt entities? I had a doctors visit yesterday, and he we were talking about meds..he said "when you have cfs and fms...".
    He's only diagnosed me with FMS but talks like I have both. I am wondering if he put it this way because I had the fatigue first and then the pain, so therefore I have both, or if it was a slip of the tongue. I'm not asking for you to mind read, I just wondered if it is a common consensus among doc's to think that if you have Fms, you also have CFS? I just figured that the fatigue was part of the fms,and don't seperate them. [This Message was Edited on 08/26/2003]
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    I'm bumping this up, just in case Madwolf is lurking around somewhere.
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    I will print it out and go over it with a fine tooth comb. You are so helpful. Thank you
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    I would suspect vaccines for anyone serving in the military. My SIL said he received lots of vaccinations and they were never told what vaccines they were receiving. When you are in the military, you are like a piece of equipment. They do with you what they want and never have to tell you what or why.

    Then, when you get sick, they stonewall, deny, and basically leave you hanging out to dry. It's a national disgrace. But than's another story.

    Love, Mikie
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    Please don't let me get started on that subject! I just read you post awhile ago, about your living next to the base.And what is really sad is that after a lifetime of service so many of these guys think it's unmanly to admit to all the they go untreated. Michael has had this for awhile, and I have seen him walking with two canes just to get to the chair so he could collapse. And hasn't had a med one for it since he was diagnosed. I am soooo torqued (see I'm controling it...grin). Well, his appt. is coming up soon, and I think he'll leave me at Maybe I would be tooooo much of an advocate!!!
    I better get off of this subject before I stress myself into a flare....grrrrrr! lol They just had a vietnam vet commit suicide in the hospital lobby, because they kept telling him that his illnesses weren't service related. It's really tragic.
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