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    I am reading all these post bout passing this dd on to others. I have always given blood and am an organ donor. Since I got sick last year I havent gotten around to donating blood yet. My question is do I now give up on doing that god forbid I could pass this to someone else that got my blood. Would appreciate an answer soon blood bank is tomorrow at my school. Thank you for being there for us all.
  2. Mikie

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    Until we know more about what causes our illnesses. Many of us are infected with stealth chronic infections which are only detectable through PCR DNA tests which are not run on the nation's blood supply.

    Love, Mikie
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    is that we should not give blood, for much the same reasons as already mentioned on the board.

    Until more is known about these DDs they would rather not have a donation from us.

    Another thing to consider is that we're already considered to have low blood volume so it would probably make you feel even worse if you did donate a pint of blood.


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