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    I've been through several testing - Stress test, all blood work, and I have an appointment with a thyroid doctor in April. My TSH level is 4.5 - I just had a antibody test done last week. Here are my symptoms: Fatigue, muscle ache, sore neck and arm. My lymph node counts came back as
    Neuatrophils - was 43 - range for my age 55-75, Lymphocytes - was 45 - range for my age 20-35, white cells were 4.1. It also indicated that I had Mono, CMV and parovirus. I take Km a vitamin, B-12 and a multi vitamin. I feel worse if I go and to gardening or any other activity.
    Can someone help me if they thought it was CFS and it ended
    up thyroid.

    Can you tell me why you think my Neuatrophils are low and why my Lymphocytes are high and my white cells are low? It showed that I had Mono in the past... even though it's showing negative... could I still feel the sideaffects of the mono? - thank you in advance for answering my questions