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    I have a friend who has post polio, I think it called syndrome but I can't remember now.. Anyway he is in terrible pain and takes Oxycotin 40 mg. 2 x/day and Vicoden HP 1100 mg 4 x/day. It doesn't seem to help. Now he is thinking about smoking M.J.

    My questions are :

    Could he have possibly crossed the line into physical dependence, thus the reason why the oxy doesn't do any good ?


    What effect would the pot have on his nerve endings that are left ? Would it provide tempory pain relief but actually cause speedier death of the nerve endings he still has ?

    Thank you for any imformation and our time.

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    Weekends go slow here so please be patient. I am not a Dr or a nurse, but I would think it would be less a case of dependence, than aquiring a tolerance for the same amt of pain killers. Your friend needs to speak to their Dr & tell them the pain is not going away.
    I don't advocate MJ, but I don't think it does lasting damage to nerves- though the lungs are another issue altogether & I believe that commercial they run that says 1joint is equal to smoking 4 ciggarettes!
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    hi carina. Has your friend been on neurontin that specifically affects nerve pain? Sounds like very high dose of vicoden, unless you mean 10mgs 4xday, but when combined with the oxycontin, is alot of meds. unfortuneately, until the root of the problem is corrected,(like addressing the nerve pain with appropriate measurs) he will just build up more and more of a tolerance to pain meds, and get less relief. I ewnt from 5mgs vicodin 2xday to 50mcg. of duragesic every 2.5 days within 1 year and was getting very tolerant to that! Now i am off of meds but can't function due to pain. Good luck to you and your friend--laurie
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    I have a great deal of sympathy for your friend. My mother had Post-polio syndrome, and the doctors refused to give her anything for the pain except a corset to help hold her back straight. She dragged herself to work each day in a wheelchair, then came home and cried, and slowly drank herself to death tyring to deal with the pain in the only legal way she could, with booze.
    I agree with the Neurontin idea. There are several good drugs for nerve pain now. Has your friend gone to a pain specialist? In my part of the country, they seem to be the only doctors willing to risk the wrath of the DEA and go ahead and prescribe things that will work. My husband has a friend who goes to a pain clinic for a leg injury and they have him on an implanted pump that sends pain medicine right to his spinal nerves.
    I am an aging hippie, and from what I remember of the 60's (ha, ha...they say if you can remember it, you weren't really there), pot will not be strong enough to kill such bad pain. It will however, ruin his lungs, destroy his short term memory, and make him into a little piggie, eating everything in sight! That's what it did to many of my friends. I quickly dropped it after seeing how hungry it made me....I could not afford extra weight.
    I think a doctor who specializes in treating pain is the best idea. Bless you for caring enough about your friend to ask around.
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    Thankyou all for your input. He has been wondering about other meds. now I have some suggestions for him to bring up to his doctor. Thanks again