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    I hope you don't mind yet another question about this subject.
    I have a lot of low thyroid symptoms. The ones bothering me the most are the weight gain without over-eating,the painfully dry skin, and the chills that keep me awake at night whenever it's below 60 degrees outside. Taking my temperature every 3 hrs. for 2 days and averaging it, resulted in an average of 97.3.
    However, my blood tests are normal. My TSH is 3.44 and my T3 and T4 are always smack dab in the middle of the range.
    I have read some horror stories about heart and bone problems in people who get T3 when they really don't need it. In fact, this is why Dr. Wilson, who invented the Wilson Syndrome theory about subclinical thyroid problems, lost his license here in Florida. He killed a woman by giving her T3 which caused a heart attack. I have also read that it is a myth that 98.6 is normal, and that there is a much wider healthy temp. range than some think, and a slightly lower temp. does not mean there is a problem.
    I have noticed that my temp. and my thyroid test results all improve when I really push the exercise to the point of pain. When I slack off, my temp goes down and my TSH goes up. Does this make sense to you?
    Do you think I should try to convince my doctor to give me a trial of Cytomel or Armour? It will not be easy to convince my PCP or my Rheumy, so I need some good ammo in the form of convincing argument.
    Thank you for your expertise,

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    As usual this isnt't my field of expertise yet. But if you are symptomatic, A LOW dose of thyroid shouldn't be harmful, if monitored closely. Sometimes it's better to treat sytptomaticlly than it is by test. ALthough your t3, t4, and tsh may be borderline/average. That shows there may be little harm in a brief low dose trial of thyroid. Of course you may want to see a specialist, if this is of concern. Regular blood test will tell you if you are too high or low on the dose. The TSH is really a better indicator than indivudual T3, T4 tests--at least according too many doctors.

    Body temp varies. 98.6 is an "average" People tend to go to 97.0 to 99.5 and be healthy and ok. I know I tend to run a little lower, and always have. SO have my mother.

    Tests are funny things. My TSH, tends to be on the low-side (still WNL) but you would think the reverse: I am thin, hyper sometimes and have tachycardia often! This shows that symptoms may not always be indicative of a thyroid disorder.
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    I once participated in a small study (14 people) of using Synthroid for Fibro, and was put on the lowest dose. I had to quit after 5 days because I had such bad tachycardia that I could not sleep, or even walk to the mailbox. My TSH was borderline abnormal at that time, and I still could not tolerate Synthroid.
    I already saw a specialist, one who was voted one of Florida's best doctors. She insisted my thyroid is normal, but freaked over my low estrogen level and insisted on HRT. I promptly gained 22 lbs., my cholesterol jumped 50 pts. and I had to start taking blood pressure meds. So much for Endocrinology. I went off the HRT, and I finally lost 17 lbs. the hard way, but the other bad effects remained. I trust you guys more than most docs.
    However, I am hearing good things about Armour Thyroid and Cytomel on this Board, and hope someone may have some input on that. I don't know what to say to convince a doctor.
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    I had read about any TSH over 3.0 being hypothyroid. Mine is now 3.44, but was 2.75 only 4 months ago. The lab my doctor uses says normal goes all the way up to 5.0! I had never seen a range higher than 4.0. When I tried the lowest dose of Synthroid and had a pulse of 130 all the time, my TSH was 4.2.
    I went through early menopause, due to Fibro, I think, and was all done by age 44. I am now 52. The Endocrinologist said my estrogen was so low it indicated a possible pituitary tumor, and she wanted to do all sorts of tests. I brought her the study done at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston that showed that out of 3400 females with FMS tested, 100% had hypothalmic-pituitary-adrenal supression. That satisfied her.
    I will look into the supplement....there are many things I can't take since I am doing the Guai protocol. I do take Iodine daily.
    Now I just have to convince the doctor somehow!
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    I will check out that book! I do feel many of us use thyroid as an excuse as to why we are fat though. The people I know with the worst hypothyroidism are all slim, except for one. So, low thyroid function does not necessarily make one fat. I think I am fat due to a combination of factors.
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    I did find a book by Richard Shames, but it is called "Thyroid Power: Ten Steps To Total Health". I also did find a book called "Is Your Thyroid Making You Fat", but it was by Sanford Siegel, M.D. Which book did you mean to suggest?
    I read the reviews of both, and decided the book by Richard Shames was for me, so I ordered it.
    I would never be able to stick to the 1,000 calorie diet in the Siegel book, and I know from past experience that I could lose weight easily on 1,000 cals. so maybe there is nothing wrong with my thyroid? I can't stick to it, because even at 1,500 cals. I get so hungry that I can't even sleep and am doubled over with growling stomach pains.
    Before Fibro, I was normal weight and ate about 4,000 cals daily (lucky, wasn't I!). Now I am 50 lbs. overweight though I eat about 2,500 cals and exercise daily. I know if I could just cut down by 500 cals. I could slowly lose the weight. I just can't seem to get my mind around yet another discipline, and yet another sacrifice due to this DD. I will lose my life if I don't, since I have all sorts of cholesterol and blood pressure problems since gaining the weight (yes,I know that could be due to thyroid, which is why I ordered the book).
    Thanks for the recommendation,