Madwolf, or any who know: What is a normal urine PH?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by klutzo, Mar 10, 2003.

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    Many of you know I have "mystery attacks" where I turn beet red, my skin burns, I get diarreha and my pulse and blood pressure soar. During these attacks, which sometimes last several days, normal medicine doses are like sugar pills to me, and I need twice as much. Insomnia and chills are a given. Afterwards, I have little red, pin prick marks all over the trunk of my body. 15 yrs. of different specialists and testing has failed to come up with a cause.
    I have a gut feeling that temporary alterations in my acid/alkaline balance are involved, and want to use my pool testing kit to find out.
    I remember someone posting awhile back about testing urine for PH. Does anyone remember what the normal range was?
    Thank you,
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    If I get abnormal results, I will post them,and ask what to do about it.
    MW, I don't suppose you have any idea what those attacks could be?
    The symptoms match carcinoid syndrome exactly, but I would be six feet under by now if that's what it was, unless I had an extremely rare benign foregut carcinoid tumor (chance is less than one in 50,000), and I can't get any docs to take this remote chance seriously enough to test me.... testing to find carcinoids is much $$$, since they are the size of a grain of rice!. If I do have one, it will kill me eventually from all the nasty neurohormones it releases during the attacks, which eventually mess up the heart valves on the right side of the heart.
    I am not impressed by the rarity of this tumor, since I once got PG on high dose birth control pills, without missing a pill, which was a one in 98,000 chance!
    I have always assumed these were severe panic attacks, but the endocrinologist said they are too severe and last too long to be that.
    Thanks again for the info, MW!