Madwolf or Anyone again i ask viable alt. to whey protein?

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    I've asked this before, are there any REAL alternatives to raise blood glutithiane levels other than themilk whey protein isolates???

    someone posted by professor hubbard NAC (which i forgot what it stands for) evening primrose and i think C

    WHo posted that

    I asked Dr. Cheney on 6/l7/02 and he said in l5 yrs. whey protein isloates like immonocal immunplex etc. where the only things he had ever seen raise blood glutathine levels

    It hurts my stomach and may be making my constant thirst wore i can't tell, and i'm type O (ie eat right for blood type don't do well on dairy) although no lactose or caseins in whey protein

    MADWOLF in all of your experience do you KNOW of a viable altneratie to raise blood glutiathine???

    For SOME reason cheney also said DO NOT TAKE NAC anyway but didn't say whey i assumed he knows .

    This is a very good question i feel for discussion for those of use who have trouble wtih the whey proteins, fitting it on empty stomach toleration status etc.

    Please respond THANks Paul M in KY

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    Glutathione levels are reported to be increased by the use of Vitamin C and is more effective than NAC..According to them, doses of Vit. C increases blood GSH(glutathione levels) fourfold, and plasma GSH, eightfold..NAC has much less of an effect and is more expensive..They recommend between 1,000-3,000 mg/day in divided doses..

    They recommend that you should ,also, eat plenty of glutathione-rich foods including:
    Someone else also posted another message indicating Vitamin C's potential..I will see if I can find it...

    Hope this helps,
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