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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by VickyB, Jan 23, 2003.

  1. VickyB

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    Would you rather a patient call you on the phone if they have a simple question about their medication? Or would you rather they made an appointment? I am not sure if I am annoying my doctor or not by phone calls (he does not seem very happy to return calls) but what should you do if you have just been to see him a week ago?
    Thanks for any suggestions, Vicky
  2. LauraLea

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    Vicky, I know dr's don't like to return calls, but I think it's a part of the service they provide. I don't think you should make an appt for a simple question.

    What I suggest is to ask your dr the best time to call if you have a question about medication. Sometimes they have part of the day when they are doing paperwork or whatever. That might help, but don't think you are being a pest because weather they like it or not it's part of their job....
  3. VickyB

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    Thanks for the reply!! I noticed Madwolf did not reply-Whats up with that? Maybe he doesn't like those phone calls either. I think men in general do not like the phone.
    Thanks, Vicky
  4. popgun

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    What LauraLea says is right on the mark.
  5. VickyB

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    Wow, thanks for being so honest!! I thought I might get you to respond with my remarks but didn't mean to pick on you. Hope you have a good day!!
    Thanks again, Vicky