Madwolf, or anyone else with ,do the herbs mix with pres. meds?

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    I am taking Lotrel for bloodpressure, Celexa for depression, Restoril for sleep and synthroid for my thyroid. I recently visited a health food store and spoke with the owner. He seemed very knowledgeable about CFS/FM. I left with a bottle of 5-HTP, digestive enzymes, probiotics and linoic acid. Can I take all of these drugs and herbals together?
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    I am not a doctor, but I read a whole book on 5-HTP. It acts like an antidepressant, so you can not mix it with some of the other antidepressants. If you are on blood pressure meds too, I would be extremely careful. Talk to you doctor and let the people at the herbal shop know what you are on. Some of these people are very knowledgeable, while other are not.
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    I take homeopathics, herbs and traditional meds, but am under close supervision of a doctor who knows every little thing I take. I wouldn't have it otherwise. Be careful. Be safe.
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    THe rest I don't know about...but that combination in itself can be really I wouldn't go to the herb store again and trust the guy. It's such a myth that herbs are `harmless'.
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    I had gotten all of this stuff on sat, but hadn't opened any of it yet. I'm so glad. Thanks, I do have a terrific pharmacist so I will call and ask her. I'm so glad I checked with you guys first, before I started taking this stuff. I think I have some studying to do. You are the most knowledgeable people. Thanks
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    Dear Lifedancer, I noticed you made reference to the that only accessible to pharmacists or can laypeople refer to it to as one can to PDRs.. I have bought the Graedon's book, "Deadly Drug Interactions: The People's Pharmacy Guide", but it is really out of date, now, being nearly 8 years old.. What websites would be good for looking up on herb/drug interactions? Would the library/bookstore have a copy of the Pharmacopeia?
    ALSO, are there certain brands or ways that herbal remedies are prepared that will give us an indication as to whether they are what we are paying for, etc.? AND have you found any specific herbal or plant remedies to be effective in our DDs? LOL, AMELIA[This Message was Edited on 02/26/2003]