Madwolf or jelly? about abnormal liver test

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    Hi Madwolf, I posted several days ago about hemochromatosis, I went to my Rheumy yesterday and he tested my liver in April and it was normal, then my GP tested my liver last week and it is ALT-229. AST- 142 and Alkaline Phos-246. What would make such a drastic chnge in 2 months. My iron was high too but I didn't get a copy of that report. I am having a ultrasound on MOn of my liver & gallbladder plus a gene test. Any ideas. Thanks for all of your help with my and everyone questions. Your the greatest. CK
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    I'm sure they will be around soon
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    bumping myself hopiing someone will see
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    Hi- I take 3-4 5/325 percocet a day 1-2 robaxin as well. Do not take cholestral drugs and no skin yellowing and I do not drink. But I do take plaquinal, celexa and pamelor and ambein. My Dr was concerned about my iron level - all I have been taking is a multi vitamin with minerals which included iron. I am hoping it was a lab problem but there were 2 different tests, once the liver enzymes were discovered, she did follows on the iron but did not take new blood- how does that work anyway, they store your sample for later analysis?

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    Thought I'd put my 2 cents in, though you've already gotten good responses. Labs generally keep blood samples for about a week, in case we think of something else we'd like to check. Sounds like your doc is right on track. You may need to get off some of you current meds, including acetaminophen, and you may need to be checked for hepatitis. And get another vitamin. Some people can get into big trouble with too much iron, including liver failure and diabetes; that's why we recommend NOT taking it unless we first document a deficiency (and then, of course, we have to find out why it's low. Glad your doctor is sticking with this. We'll see what he thinks.

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    My Dr has already tested me for hepititis, EBV, etc. I guess i will know more in a few days, I appreciate your comments