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    Mycoplasma Pheumoniae could you please tell me if this means that I still have it? IGG 2.26 H BU/ML reference range 0.90 neg. 0.91-1.90 equivocal 1.10 positive IGM --- 10 NEG. O-20 equivocal 20 positive result range-- m,.pheumoniae ab igg,eia 2.26 h bu/ML REFERENCE RANGE 0.90 neg. 0. 91-1.09 equ. 1.10 I hope this is ok the way I wrote it. Would appreciate any info on this. Thank you so much!! Linda
  2. Kay2

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    Its pretty sad when you go to your doctor and they cant tell you if it is or isn't still active, or what it means for that matter!!! If I still lived in Bremerton I would see you in a heart beat!!! your GREAT!!!!!
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    That to be on the safe side, it might take a couple of months to get rid of micoplasmas in the active stage. If you don't get them all, they will remain in your body and go stealth. I was on antibiotics for a month when my mycoplasma infection was active and still it went stealth.

    Love, Mikie