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    In my doctor's supplemental letter, I think it might help if he includes a statement saying something like, "Patient's symptoms and limitations from the fibromyalgia and chronic myofascial pain exceed or are equal to those of _______." But, I do not know what type of disease or condition to fill that blank with. Is RA considered disabling enough to the SSA to be automatically approved for Disability, so that my doctor could use it as a comparison? Or would it be better (or more accurate) to use something else as a comparison condition/disease?

    I tried to read over the SSA's website page that lists the section codes for the various conditions that they consider to be automaticly disabling, but it is so confusing that I cannot even find the right one for RA, far less FMS. What code or codes do we fall under for SSD consideration? I have both the FMS and the CMP (and now, also, Meniere's Disease) -- which code or codes covers either or all of these?

    Thank you so much for any help you (or anyone else) can offer. :)
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    I like your wording much better.

    The ICD-9 codes are not what I was asking for. Thanks anyway.

    The code (or section) numbers I am talking about deal with the conditions list provided on the SSA website. Each section deals with a different type of health condition that the SSA considers to be disabling. I cannot figure out which section applies to these types of conditions/diseases -- FMS, CMP, or Meniere's. I wondered if anyone here might know what parts of that list are applicable. :)

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    These are what I was talking about and I have to say that reading them is still confusing to me, but I do remember my doctors saying that the FMS, at least, directly affects the central nervous system or that my central nervous system was damaged in the car crash, which resulted in the FMS. I wonder if that makes the FMS fall more into the 11.00 Neurological section, rather than the 12.00 Mental Disorders? After all, I do have all my "marbles" still, even if they don't seem to roll very fast anymore. It seems as though the SSA is ignoring the info from the American Rheumatological Assn that this DD is not "just in the patient's mind." And, I would think the CMP would fall under the 1.00 Musculoskeletal System section, because of how knotted the muscles get, with spasms, from the tightening of the myofascia. What do you think?

    I guess it may be best to leave all this out of my doctor's letter?
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    Sorry I can't help with the codes b you say you now have menieres desease. How were you dxed and what treatment do you do for it? Gee has been told she has it but because of ins. we have yet to get her tested for it. I have studied all the symtoms and am sure she has it and not just vertigo. Please give theinfo your dr. told you about it thanks Dave

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    You have given me a lot to use in that letter. I think I will be able to finish it now, this week, and get it to him for his review and sig. Thanks again for all your hard work and efforts. :)