Madwolf, or others, need dosage info...

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  1. Iggy_RN

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    Hi, I am taking 10mg of oxycontin 2xs a day, is that the normal dosage? This brought my pain down from an 8-9 to a 2-3, which is excellent, but pain is still there, can I ask my doc to up the dose? and what is the standard dose? THis really saves me from IBS spells also, thanks, Iggy
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  2. Iggy_RN

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  3. JP

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    10 mgs is a low dose. I started with 10 mg every 12. It didn't touch my pain. It also caused severe constipation. It is a great medication for glad it is helping you.

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  4. Iggy_RN

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    what were you on and how long? Iggy
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    Hi There,

    I was on 20mg of Oxycontin every 12 hours with 5mg. Percocet (without any acetomenaphin) for breakthough pain. That seemed to put a good dent in my pain which was a 10 at the time and that brought it to about a 2-3.

    We are trying to have a baby so I am off the Oxy for now since it takes a while to taper off of that. Maybe this will work for you?

    Good luck

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    and good luck w/the baby! God bless, Iggy
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    Maybe a 'burst' dose. Say 20mgs instead of 10mg in the AM and you may not need the 2nd dose later in the day. Or possibly a small increase in dose, say 20mgs AM and 10mgs HS? I guess we all need a tailored dose. Don't know what your dr will say to that.

    I am curious with all the 'malabsorbtion' problems we tend to have, if some of these medicines just plain old bypass our systems. But on the other hand some of us seem overly sensitive to certain meds.
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    I think I'll ask my DOc and see what she says, I just dont want to push it, I have come along way to get adequate pain control, and I might have to be patient before she ups it... thanks again, I was just wondering if 10mg 2xs a day was an avg dose or not... thanks, Iggy
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    I was on 10mgs, every 12 hours for one month. I ended up using Norco to supplement. The first week was hell with 10 mgs. I will usually try something new for 3 or 4 weeks to give it a fair trial. I could have asked for a higher dose and the bowel trouble was too much for me. So, back to Norco. I don't have any problems with Norco, except my pain is about 5-6 on average, even taking two extra strength Norco at once.

    Hang in there. You might request an additional pain medication as a supplement, or what they call breakthrough pain...funny term, I have never been pain free. My guess, you will probably have better results with 20 mgs, every 12 hours. And you know, it's important to ask the doc what she thinks.

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    Iam taking 20mg. of oxycontin 3xs daily since my last increase of 20 mg. 2x`s daily. At first, the first month it really seemed to help with chronic pain. Sad but true I can`t tell that it`s really helping anymore. I take percocet for breakthrough pain which seems to give me more relief. I think your system gets used to oxycontin way to fast, that`s the part that bothers me I`m afraid to keep going to higher doses. Do you take any meds for breakthroughj pain? Your on a very low dose now, I wouldn`t change a thing if it`s working. I`am totally honest with my doctor and straight forward with my doctor. Tell him whats on your mind. A fellow suffer. God Bless You, Felce