Madwolf or somebody help me please I am scared

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  1. kellbear

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    Got an MRI done yesterday. Doctor called me immediately today to say for me to come in right away that they found abnormalities and some lesions on my brain. They wouldnt go into detail.. What could this mean? I am very worried and crying...
  2. AnnG

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    I am praying for you right now for your peace, comfort and HEALING. Please go to the DR and come back and tell us what is going on.


  3. Bigfoot

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    Try not to worry. It's great you can get in right away to see the doctor. Most everything is treatable and the sooner you get follow-up to this, the better. I wish I could tell you more, but I'm not going to play guessing games. I'll pray for you and that all works out well. Let me know.
  4. Combatmedic

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    Hi there. I know what you are going through. I had an MRI done last April for headaches and vomiting. My GP's office called me two days later and said, the white matter in your brain had some abnormalities. The nurse would not go into detail at all. When I prodded her, she said, oh, that's just the stuff in our brains. She would not even tell me if it was a lesion, tumor etc. I was scared also. When I picked up my MRI films, the radiologist report said I had a 7mm lesion in the corpus callosum, and that due to my age (24 at the time, I am now 25) that MS should be considered, rather than small vessel ischemia. Which meant no stroke, or vascular problems. Sometimes, by the shape, size, and location of the lesion(s) they can tell that they are more typical of MS rather than something else.
    If I can ask you a few questions, I may be able to help you a little, but, really, until you see a neuro, no one can really tell you what's going on---it all depends on the lesions really.
    How old are you?
    Have you ever had a head injury of any sort?
    Do you have high/low blood pressure/circulation problems?

    Just so you will know what to expect, but NOT to scare you, anything is possible, but, if there were a few lesions, and with you having fibro or CFS (I would assume?) this may be indicative of MS.
    I myself have to go for yet ANOTHER (my 3rd) MRI, my 2nd EEG, and a (YIKES!) spinal tap next week at the hospital. This is all due to continueing, and new symptoms. The lesion in my brain that was there in April, is still my only one thus far, and it causes me little problems. It has caused some permanent nerve damage....i.e. I have no reflex in my right heel, could not feel the electric shocks in my right foot when I had a SSER which is a SomatoSensory Evoked Response test, done to check the nerves and their response to stimulus.
    If I can be of any help, please go right ahead and ask me. I know you have alot of stuff swimming in your head right now, I'm with ya. I understand. I have read and read and read about lesions, but by no means am I an expert, I just know some of the tests you will probably have. All neuro's are different too, though.

    My best wishes, and bigggggg hugs for ya. I'm sorry you're going through this.

  5. scottabir

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    Hang in there hun, maybe this is what you needed to know to start a recovery. Please keep us all updated. Also I lost your e-mail would you mind posting it again?

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  6. shannonrn

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    The lesions may indicate multiple sclerosis but please do not get freaked out. There are new medications out there that prevents the disease from getting bad. I have several friends that have MS and they are fine. They lead normal lives and they are not handicap. They told me I had MS for 5 years nad I was misdiagnosed. I have 2 spots on my brain that the MD's got all in an uproar about. I went to the Mayo clinic and they told me I do not have MS. Normal people can have these
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    May the healing hand of God touch you right now!! I will continue to pray for you as I do everyone on this board. I hope that you find some peace of mind through all of this. The best thing to do is try and relax until you find out what is going on. Don't make yourself sick with worry. Let the doctors to that.

    best wishes,
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  8. tandy

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    on this message board~ I've heard of members speak of having them found on an MRI.Most have FM...I believe.(if my memory is right! please try not to worry,`I know its hard not too. I've been in a similar situation before and everything turned out to be fine. Stay calm......letting your nerves take hold is no good for your body in any way~
    Think possitive, I'll keep you in good thoughts till we hear back from you~ Let us know how you make out,Ok?
    Warm ((Hugs)),
  9. kellbear

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    Thank you everyone for your kind posts. I guess I am more worried about MS than anything else. I would assume if they thought it was cancer or something I would be seen before monday. I am relieved in a way because finally they are finding something, but I am afraid of what that "something" could be. Worrying will only make it worse so I am trying to be patient. Keep me in your prayers. My email is