Madwolf, pls read again.......Wash state, where should I go for help, Seattle or Spokane?

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    Help me please, can anyone tell me where to go for a better program than the one I am on, I take ultram, doesn't do much, skelaxin, helps a little, neurontin, a little, none of these tho by themselves make it even "tolerable" without the help of hydrocodone, I can get 2 tabs per day 7.5/500 mgs if I beg and beg and carry on and cry and don't give up, my doc is getting harder every month about filling the rx, I went to the ER today cuz I thought I was having a heart attack (electrical shooting type pains, pretty severe) and I saw the most kind sweet doc, (Kadlec Hosp in Tri Cities) and this doc actually knew a lot about fibro, did not make me feel like a drug seeker, he was so wonderful. Heart looked fine and after ekg and blood work said no heart trouble, (whew!) and the doc just listened to me for a long time, my hubby was amazed, he strongly suggested I go to Seattle or Portland, Ore or Spokane or wherever I could to get on a good pain mgmt program as he could see how depressed I am by the pain and frustrated I am by my lack of help from my doc, the hydrocodone did really help at first (3-4 mo ago) but it takes 2 to even make any impact at all and I only get enough to do that once a day and so if I am lucky I will bet 2-3 hours relief, still not even anywhere near pain free but that is as good as it gets for me so far. Anyway this doc did rx the pain patch, 50mcg or does seem to be helping some but not really any better than the hydrocodone, where should I go and what should I try next???? More fentanol (sp?) or that and the hydro or should I go somehere for help, like a pain mgmt clinic and where???? My mom in law is in Seattle and I could stay at her place and my ins will pay or anyting just about so where do I start???


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    If Madwolf's suggestion is not an option, you can look at the link in purple at the top of this page for Dr referrals or you can search by city or state names on the message boards to see if anyone has made Dr referrals in your area. The Fibromyalgia Network website also lists good Drs. Good luck!
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    I go to Dr. Neiman next to Evergreen hospital in Kirkland, WA. Its just a short trip across the lake from Seattle. I think I got his name from this site. Hope this helps.
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    I would love to come to you, my ins does not require a referral, how do I find you? Can you please email me and I will and get an appt????

    I will bring all the med info I have, bloodwork, xrays, etc.

    I will also bring that batch of thank you cookies I offered several mo ago for all the wonderful insights you give to us all, you are a blessing to this board and you seem very compassionate, are you sure you are in the medical field, heee heee. Not a whole lot of you out there.

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    Anng - I am new to this board and was just referred to Dr. Nieman for diagnosis and treatment. What do you think of him? Have your experiences been good?
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    Sorry, I just got your message. Dr. Neiman is a charactor, kind of reminds me of an absent-minded professor. He is very open to new procedures and promotes research we do on our own. He is also very informed about FM. Good Luck to you!
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    at OHSU is very good. This is headed by Dr. Robert Bennett and the staff is very knowledgable and knows that there truly is pain with Fibromyalgia.