Madwolf !!!! Possible Plaquenil problem

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    Hi Madwolf.....

    I have been on the combo of Plaquenil 200 mg 1Xday (I usually take it in eve) and 10 mg of Prednisone which I cut down to it was making me crazy and the past week have cut it down to 2.5.........(have been on these about 3 1/2 weeks)

    2 days ago I noticed a red rash starting on my upper arms and around middle(waist) and lower abdomen and somewhat on my back. It does not itch just real red and blotchy...almost resembles the measles I suppose.
    As of today it is worse......
    Any idea on what I should do????? Stop taking everything ???
    My other drugs I am on are sectral, avapro, allopurinol, 81 mg aspirin ( been on all of this about 3 years)

    Thanks for your input !!!!!!!

    Palm Desert, CAlifornia
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    Hi KathiM,

    I've been on all these drugs, so had to add my 2 cents

    I use them for lupus, what about you?

    You probably know this already, but don't stop the Prednisone quickly! It can cause all sorts of mayhem. When I was at your dose, I was told to decreasy by 2 1/2 mg every 7 weeks.

    The rash sounds nasty. Can you get in to see your dr?? It may be something completely unrelated

    Good luck,
  3. KathiM

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    I have severe sleep apnea and FM and am being treated for possible lupus but not a definate as most of my blood work is negative but sed rate in 70's so Dr is stumped right now. I hvae a lot of the clinical signs of lupus but blood is confusing the situation.

    Muscle weakness and joint pain and fatigue has been auful the past 3 months.....have felt pretty good up til yesterday when rash appeared and when i started the CPAP machine for apnea.

    Rash almost looks like measles but I know it isnt... and arms actually burn.

    Thank you for your interest....would like to keep in touch as not too many here have lupus

    By the way....what exactly are you on and what dosage ???

    My email is or catch me here

    Palm Desert, California
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    I just sent you an email.