Madwolf : question about Armour Thyroid please ...

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by psalmlady, Jun 13, 2003.

  1. psalmlady

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    I am new to the board and I was reading where you use Armour Thyroid. I am Hypo. and I have had this for about twelve years. I have never found a doctor that would give me this and I have ask for it. I have read where it is better for Thyroid Disease. Can I tell a doctor
    that I WANT IT! - And he would have to give it to me?
    Thanks! :)
  2. LadyMT

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    and what kind of doctor do you see?

    I have been seeing a naturopath and she is doing more testing for me. If she decides it is something that is affecting me she will prescribe armour thyroid.

    It might be worth checking.

  3. praisingHim

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    Hello. I have been on Synthroid for years, then went to a physician who practices integrative medicine. He automatically switched me to Armour. It is a prescribed med, but is made of natural substances. It works with the other's T's and not just T4. He has seen some have more energy on it. Just my opinion, I don't think a doctor "has" to give us anything. Some are close minded and only like to prescribe what they are used to, while others don't know much about certain meds and try to stay away from them. If you have access to a "natural" physician, they are more open minded about trying different things or maybe someone who specializes in thyroid disease should be familiar with the meds. Good luck!
  4. psalmlady

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    and I have read some pretty negative reports about it like ... bone loss and a few other things.
    Just thought maybe the *natural* thing may be better and wondered how to get it. I don't take any other meds just the one pill in the morning. I guess you're right, no doctor would *have* to give us something we ask for, just wondered why they would not suggest we try something that may work better for us.
    The doctor hasn't been able to get my meds regulated for years. I go up and down and it's never stabilized.
    No real problem just that the blood work every six weeks is rediculous!
    I am going to seek a doctor that will *suggest* I try this. I have heard good reports on it.

    Thanks for your replies. :)