Madwolf, question on meds and dosage, please

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    I've been on Thyrolar for several months, taking one and a half, half strength tablets daily since mid June, increased from one a day. Doing well on it, no significant side effects other than significantly less brain fog!

    My questions: Thyrolar is not covered in my insurance plan's formulary, and is expensive. Armour thyroid is covered, and therefore less expensive.

    1. Would it be wise or foolish to switch from Thyrolar to Armour?

    2. What would be the equivalent dosage of Armour to the amount of Thyrolar I am taking now?

    I will have blood drawn for thryoid levels next week, and will see my NP on the 25th. I will ask her then about switching meds.

    I also plan to ask her about Cortef, but need documentation to show her. Can you refer me to any published information about its use in FMS?

    Once again, thank you so very much for your expertise and help!

    PS. I went with my mother to see her primary care doc last week. Mom also has FMS along with a constellation of other health issues. I gave the doc articles on thyroid and FMS, he ordered blood work, and gosh! Mom's thyroid was low. She is now on Armour, we're hoping it will help her feel better. I am so pleased that the doc listened to me. One point for our side!
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    I appreciate the help.