Madwolf....Question please !!!!!! Doxy versus Palquenil

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by KathiM, Mar 27, 2003.

  1. KathiM

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    Why the Doxycycline versus the Palquenil ?????

    Just wondering.........I have just been put on the plaquenil 3 weeks ago but am worried about side effects.....
    The things I hahve noticed so far is the fact that my scalp broke out with pimple-like bumps really bad last week but now pretty much cleared up by now.....
    The POSITIVE thing is my Irritable bowel is like not there anymore.........I am sorta normal........havent had diahreea(spelling) in about 4 days and can not believe it.

    My rheumy is expeimenting with me 10 mg prednisone (which I can not tolerate) so I myself cut it back to 5mg per day as of yesterday..(hope that was o.k.)and 200mg Plaquenil per day.

    My only diagnosis is Fibro and just foound out last week I have severe sleep apnea so am going through the fitting for CPAP machine right now.

    I was just wondering if Doxy would be better for me????

    Thanks for your input......

  2. kadywill

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    take the Plaquenil, be sure to get a baseline opthalomology exam and then have follow up exams as he/she prescribes. There is a condition called a "bulls-eye" effect which this drug can cause. I took Plaquenil and the Optha. that I was working for made me stop due to changes in my eyes.