Madwolf right about rhuemy.

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    I had posted a message about dreading going to my rhuemy. Madwolf didn't think I'd have much luck. He was right. I told the doc I wasn't satisfied with my pain management. I also referred to MY progress....I've lost 20 lbs. and I'm exercising etc. He read quotes from the pain mangement woman he sent me to. Be careful what you say to a doc. They can take it out of context and it isn't / wasn't at all what you meant. For example, the pain doc wanted me to do physical therapy, I said I had a major in P.E. and could probably set up a program for me and had already started some stretching and low impact aerobics. Came out as..."Patient said she was a P. E. person and could do therapy on her own. I'm afraid she will become dependent / addicted to narcotics." Not that I had said I had had 2 surgeries in a row and couldn't really afford therapy at the time. I was still paying for PT from my shoulder surgery. Not that my degree measures up to a therapist, but I do have a good working knowledge of things. She just said to do aerobics. I said "No, that is not the first line of defense...mild stretching, and low impact aerob. is first according to everything I've read." That was probably not smart to say, but I was in so much pain at the time...I couldn't imagine doing ANY aerobic activity. I could now....Now that I've had a tiny bit of help with pain. I'm dropping that Doc (rhuemy) like a hot potato. I come to this board and read about people getting good help etc. and I think, surely I will too. Then I have a frustrating experience like today. I'm honest to the docs to the nth degree and it gets me s*** like today. I get all my drugs at one place do all the honest things and BOING!! Iget scr***. I just don't get it. I was insistent to my rheuemy that I was doing my part, why could he not help me a bit more. I suggested some flexeril for my body soreness after riding. He agreed to that. He also said that most of the stuff for FMS on the internet was bogus!!! I said, "Yes, a lot of it is, but some isn't, what have you looked at?" He never did give a good answer to that. All I can say is AAAuuuggghhh #$%^&_)*)^(*%*&$*^%$!!!!!!!!!

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