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  1. goingslowlycrazy

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    Sorry to be a pain - but I would like some advice on this so I don't go wasting my docs time...
    I have a very painful enlarged node in the right side of my throat. It's really painful to touch and painful to swallow.
    I gave up smoking ten days ago and have been chewing nicotine chewing gums, so when my throat got sore, I put it (and the huge mouth ulcer on my right side) down to that - but would it bring up my gland like this - and if so, why just on the right hand side?
    Just don't know whether to bother my doc with this but it is getting really painful now. I have been putting Ibuprofen gel on my neck which helps a bit.
    thanks so much,
    Mary x
  2. loopyloo

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    I would go to the doctors just to get it checked, but maybe you are allergic to one of the ingredient in the nicotin gum as your allergies are hightened more with these illnesses cfs/fm ect,
    (((((((((((big hugs))))))))))))
    Loopyloo xx
  3. Mikie

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    Get new symptoms checked out. It's better to play it safe. We cannot afford to put all our symptoms down to our illnesses, change in smoking habits, change in eating habits, etc.

    Let us know what the doc says.

    Love, Mikie
  4. sujay

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    Put a hot pack on it and CALL YOUR DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY. This could be a serious bacterial infection, and it needs attention right away. I know it's hard with all your aches and pains, but you cannot ever afford to assume that it's related to the DD (meaning noone can do anything about it). Maybe you don't need to panic, but LET YOUR DOCTOR DECIDE. Get this taken care of, and then go back to seeing what you can do about the rest of your problems.

    Well wishes,
  5. AC77

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    2 issues: Congrads on quitting smoking...I know as an ex smoker. You will start to feel exceptional when you are done withdrawling...less coughing and infection and you also lowered your chances of cancers DRAMTICALLY!

    Herpes and sometimes shingles infection (the whole HSV virus group), can cause one sided glandular enlargment. But then it would be followed hy an outbreak of herpes or shingles--this would be a prodromal symptom. Also there are some other viruses and bacterial infections that would cause the same. I Would worry as it appears for you to be getting worse. It might also be your bodys way of ridding itself of toxins or a part of the withdrawl process which varies from person to person. Temporary infections or psedo *fake" infections may happen also, as a way of your body saying, "hey where is my nicotine" If it doesnt get better go to the dr. and if you cant get in go to the ER, if you cant get there call 9-1-1, that what they are paid to do--transport! As for the mouth ulcer... you need to be more specific. I couldnt diagnosis without seeing it. You might truley have a infection. The withdrawl may cause a temp lowered immunity, hence an infection, or just by chance.

    I would forgo the Ibu gel, unless it continues to work and start taking Lysine (an amino acid) and also ibuprofen pills 400mgs every 6hrs as needed with food. This should help inflammation and swelling for the time. DLPA supplements or tyrosine may also help with the craving for nicotine. --I am trying to give advice for both conditions here. Warm boath and very, very gentle massage of the neck area may assist clearing lymph. Lots of water as always
    And lots of Love... AC
    --Listen to Sudjay get to the doc please
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  6. goingslowlycrazy

    goingslowlycrazy New Member

    ...this is a weird one...the gland is smaller today and not quite so sore, but I have had a major crash.
    I knew I had overdone it the last few days (unavoidable family commitments) and I think it is just my body registering its' huge disaproval.
    I am flat as a pancake today, physically and mentally, so I just have to take it easy and work slowly back up.
    The hot soaks really helped...and I am still off the ciggies so all is (relatively) well,
    thanks again,
    Mary x