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  1. dsames

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    I saw the chiro, for the third time this week. The week before he did not do a treatment, but gave me a health assessment form to fill out, when turned back in, the computer program rates the high priority, moderate priority, and low.

    From these results and the back x-rays he took, my dx was locked vertebra, disc degneration, nerve root compression, pelvic rotation, rotating scolosis (no wonder I hurt)lol

    The thing that concerns me at this point is: from the assessment form, he concludes I have adrenal function problems, thyroid, circulation and many others. My question can a Chiropractor accurately dx adrenal. I was under the impression this was dx by blood work. He has supplements in his office that he pushes, and he would like me to start on some kind of "liver wash

    I am really scared about that, I don't want to mess up my liver, since we are only given one. We are going to wait 2 weeks before doing it, as I have been struggling through a bad flare with IBS, and I dont want to go through that again. And probably my MD would not agree with it.
    What do you think, anyone? Would you do that?
    Need your good advice
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    I'm no expert but I have had experience with chiropractors. There are some really good one and there are quacks. The good ones can help a whole lot but they know their limitations and with refer you to a regular doctor for anything medical. The quacks with diagnose you and tell you that you have to come back for so many treatments for your problem. They shouldn't tell you that you need ten or twenty treatments to fix your problem because there's no way of knowing. A good one may have you come back several times but after that it's up to you to go when you think you need to go. You just need to be careful and if it doesn't seem right to you, find another one.
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    Was the health questionnaire long? Did you say
    answer questions in such a ways that would
    indicate adrenal problems or thyroid problems.
    there are symptoms that go along with these
    problems and that could be why he is saying it.

    There ARE good and bad chiropractors. I went to
    a bad one when I was in college. Now, I go to the
    best one in the world. I trust him with my life and
    he has been my lifesaver since I hurt my back
    in 1988. He treated me extensively and was out
    only for my interests. He treated me many times
    for free.

    Do you know if he has a good reputation?
    I don't know - I hate to see drs who push
    supplements when they are profiting from
    selling them. It's difficult to believe them.

    The chiropractor I see now has an excellent
    reputation with MD's and surgeons, etc.
    He never had to advertise because of word
    of mouth. The bad chiro has ads all over
    the place and calls you and asks if you need

    I, too, am afraid of those liver products. Don't
    know why, but they scare me. However, I trust
    my chiro and if he recommended it, I would
    trust him. He doesn't do that kind of stuff though.

    Good luck
  4. dsames

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    This chiropractor was referred to me by an acquaintance. She said he is not one who will just keep you coming there all the time. He has treated many fibro patients, I understand, and seems very nice.

    The questionaire or assessment sheet was about 8 pages long,. It listed symptoms that many of us might have, such as nauseau, backaches, tingling in the extremities, fatigue, etc.but I can't think of any questions that might have applied to adrenal.
    I just can't imagine he could dx me with adrenal insufficiency, by looking at the response to the questions,
    unless he is thinking she has fibro, so there is a good chance she may have adrenal problems.

    He does have a lot of supplements he likes to sell. He promotes Metagenics, which he feels is the best.
  5. Sunshyne1027

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    a little over a year ago, I was in a rear end car accident, the one in front. Got hit by a car going 45 mph, and I was at a stand-still, and didn't even expect it coming.

    I went to a chiro for 3 months, at first 3 times a week. Then after a month it was 2 times a week, then got down to 1 day a week. He pushed the supplements/vitamins..whatever. I felt he was a quack after all. He said and advertised also that he helps with Fibrom patients.

    I felt some relief from the adjustments, but after awhile, I didn't really feel any difference. He did find out that one of my legs is shorter than the other, and I always do compensate for it. Put my weight on one side, then when it gets worn out, go to the other side. Also that my posture is not good, because of a previous neck injury from a car accident over 10 yrs ago. I rest my head on my shoulders he says, instead of letting my neck support my head. My back is also in bad shape, bone spurs he said I think.

    I stopped going when he said there is nothing more he could do for me. That he was done treating the car accident injuries, and it was too much a hassle to try and claim to the car accident insurance that my pain was either from the fibro or the car accident.

    Couldn't afford the chiro care any longer, or the vitamins that he said I should take and try.

    I learned some trigger point therapy from him. That was a good thing too. Also a product he sold called bio-freeze.. its for sore and achey muscles and joints, I buy it and use it.

    Thats my experience with a chiro. I hope it goes well with you.
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    I have only ever gone to see two different Chiropractors, the first was a wonderful Dr. who helped with my back pain as a teenager. I have Scoliosis, and he really helped with the pain associated with that. A few years ago, my back was really hurting me, don't know what I did, but woke up and couldn't walk. After going to see my GP, I decided to go and see a Chiropractor in the city where I live, just looked in my provider book and picked the closest one. When I called to book the appointment, they were much more interested in what insurance I had, than what my problems were. Knowing I have great insurance, I didn't worry about that and booked an appointment for the next day. Walked in, and the entire front office was filled, floor to ceiling with supplements (should have been a clue). He called me to his back office where he went over the payment plan and then looked at my health assesment. As soon as he saw that my mother had Fibro (I had not been diagnosed yet), his eyes lighted up, and he immediatly knew how to "fix" me. I needed 1,500.00 worth of bloodwork that of course my insurance didn't pay for, and about 1,000.00 worth of supplements. He wouldn't do any adjustments on me that day, as my appointment was only to go over his payments (which were extremely high!!). I walked out, well hobbled out, and never went back. I think a good Chriropractor knows that they can't cure cancer, but can make your back and body feel better. I would definatly be on the defensive if I were you, and possibly see if you can't find a Doctor who will work on your back pain, and leave the other stuff to your GP. Best of Luck, I know how hard it can be!! swred5
  7. dsames

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    iI would like some more answers from those who may have used a detox or liver cleanse.
  8. sujay

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    I'm sorry, I just have no basis on which to judge chiropracters. I would definitely be leary of anyone who tried to sell me a bunch of supplements.

    Good luck,
  9. NanceZ

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    I am about 4-5 days into a liver cleansing protocol using a Metagenics product called Ultra Clear plus. If you do a search on here there are quite a few posts about this product....and about Metagenics as well. Overall i think the sense is that they are very good products.

    I was quick to jump on his wanting me to do the liver cleansing thing just because my whole beng is so out of whack it really made sense to me and then when he explained that when the liver is not cleansing the body correctly then those toxins go to the brain, the nervous system and into fat cells. Could this be the cause (or part of) my brain fog...dizziness... weight gain and anxiety??)

    I am drinking the product that is very full of vitamins and eating a very restrictive diet of mostly veggies and fruits and then in three weeks we'll reevaluate.

    I am counting on it helping me.
  10. Sunshyne1027

    Sunshyne1027 New Member

    It was very interesting reading about liver cleansing. I am going to search it a little more too. Some great info here! Thanks to all who gave such great info!

  11. IntuneJune

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    Please keep us updated. I wonder in this fat storage process you mention, if fat is stored a little bit differently, ie cellulite---when I was thin, I still had cellulite for example. June
  12. dsames

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    I especially was interested in your post, as the product you are using manufactered by Metagenics is the product that my chiro wants to use. Says it is one of the best products around.

    Wow thanks to all who replied to this post. Great info.
    Nancez please let me know how you feel after this treatment.

    I will probably go ahead and do it. I just didn't want to upset the gut again.

    Have a great day.
  13. sssupermom

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    I use metagenics and to me they are the best quality products around. specially the myocalm pm and regular myocalm it helps with the pain. chiro-I don't know but if you don't feel confortable do not use him.(after all it will cost you $$)
  14. IntuneJune

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    How are you two doing? Update please?

    Thanks, June
  15. dsames

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    I have not started the liver detox yet. I had to cancel two of my chiro appt as I had to make an emergency appt with my M.D.
    Last time I went to him, I was running a low grade temp, I had an infection, and of course diarehha, as well as an inflammatory condition called pubic bone synthesis. I felt so sick, could not imagine ever feeling better again, but lo and behold with me being on the prayer chain at church. and the antibiotics, pain pills and anti-inflammatory, I am feeling somewhat better.
    Did keep one appt with the chiro last week, he spent alot of time with the adjustment, and I could feel a pop in the public bone area, and since then that pain has gone away.
    Am scheduled to see the chiro 2x this week.
    Will keep you posted. Are you thiking about doing the detox.
    Would like to hear from Nancez about how she is doing.
    Love Shirley
  16. IntuneJune

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  17. NanceZ

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    I've read your PA credentials and have seen your name many times on these boards. It seems a lot of smart people respect your views.I haven't had time yet to decide what I think :)....since you were away most of the time since I've read the board actively.

    I am quite taken aback by your comments about my doctor being a quack due to the liver detoxing protocol. After all we go through and to finally find a dioctor who understands and has a history of helping people in my situation then to have you speak so callously with so little knowledge.....seems odd to me.

    You sure haven't shaken my faith in my doctor or in how much better I've felt in the last three weeks due to his leadings........ but I do find it odd that just because you disagree you go so far as to try to discredit this idea so bluntly.

    nuff said :)
  18. sandy10seven

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    Wow, I think you're right about the liver detox. I had a severe case of hepatitis years ago. Since then, if I smell toxic fumes, I get a pain in my left side (over the liver). I also cannot take certain oral meds (especially hormones) because I get this pain.

    Was trying Enada NADA for energy, and after a couple of days I got the pain in my side. No more of that. Overload on my liver. Whenever I have a physical, I ask about this and am told my liver enzymes are normal. But I'm sure I must have some damage.

    I'm going to check on the Ultraclear.

    So glad I read your post. Thanks for the info.
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